Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hidden in the Clouds.

I love this jumper, I really do. Do you know when your having one of those days, when it's really cold, your not doing anything and you want nothing more than to be really really comfy, this is the perfect jumper for that.
I found it the other day when I went shopping in the Topshop sale. It was so crazy, literally I had a mass of girls pushing me this way and that way, back and forth, i'm telling people get mental in the january sales. I thought it was a complete find though, it was suppossed to be £48 and I got it for £25. How lovely, I think they did it in black as well, but this was the only one I could find. Lucky eh. I actually bought it even though it's not my size, it's a couple of sizes bigger than I usually buy, but I thought it would look good wearing it as a big oversized one.
And i've completely fallen in love with it. Especially the little jewels that it's embellished with.
Just paired it with a simple pair of black leggings and some little booties. Like I said as far as i'm concerned it's the perfect, comfy yet chic outfit, hopefully anyway.
What do you all think?


  1. Love it! Very snuggly :) I've just bought some leggings but realised none of my jumpers are long enough to wear with them so maybe I'll have to keep an eye out in Topshop

    T x

  2. your jumper is gorgeous :)

    you look great


  3. Fabulous :)


  4. i love it! wearing over sized sweaters and leggings is one of my favorite things to do to stay comfortable on a cold day.

    cute blog!

  5. I love your hair<3

  6. i dont know if i am a complete idiot for asking this, but how is everyone getting the reaction 'like' things on their posts? lovely jumper btw :')

  7. You have such a lovely blog lady! Definitely following :]

    I love jumpers like that, ones you can throw on and they are so cute and comfy. Yours is super cute!

  8. Lovely blog, comfy sweater :)


  9. O thank you very much! (:
    How did you find my blog? Or was that a coincidence?

  10. Love it! I like to buy knitwear oversized too, because it can sometimes look so much better. Such a find!

    Rosie x

  11. I have had my eye on that jumper for ages, I didn't realise it was in the sale...I may just have to pop in! It looks great on you