Saturday, 25 September 2010

Uni Freshers Madness.

So then.
I'm so so so so so sorry for not posting.
I'm seriously having problems with my internet, basically I don't have any.
So i'm sat in my flat mates bedroom on her lap top.
I'm having a great time, just wanted to tell you all that i've not forgotten about you and I shall try to upload some photos as soon as possible.
I love all my Roomies, They are amazing.
Peter, Stace, Simon, Ashleigh and Moi.
They are so funny, we've had the best time, i've become the official cook of the flat.
No surprise there.

Any way, I best be off.
Sorry for the lack of photos, just let me sort my internet and i'll be back and ready for some serious blogging.
Loving you and leaving you, for now !!!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

And Now The End Is Near And So We Face The Final Curtain.

It's officially time people.
It's the big move tomorrow, from Manchester down to Lincoln.
I can't believe it, it's crazy and I really don't know how to feel about it.
I'm so excited but so nervous.
There are so so so so so many people that i'm going to miss. I just can't explain it to them.
These spring to mind.
Mum, Dad, Alexy, Lee, Jasmine, Poppy.
I feel like crying.

Obviously due to me having to make the long journey down there and taking part in all the freshers events and other classes, lectures etc that they have in store for me, I might not have that much time to post.
I'll try and keep the blog updated, i'm just saying take it easy on me for the next week, i'll be a busy little bee.
Wish me look on the big venture.
Oh and I hope you like the outfit post, It's new, H&M I love you.

Top : H&M, £12.99
Cardigan : H&M, £9.99
Tights : Primark, £2.00
Boots : Primark, £18.00

Thursday, 16 September 2010

It's All In The Shirley Temple.

So so so.
I have to admit i'm not wearing this outfit today, I wore it yesterday.
It was my time saving stratedy as I didn't know when I was going to get a chance to get some more photo's snapped as I was out in Manchester today getting my hair cut.
It's not that much different, I few layers cut in, dead ends cut off, you know how it is.
But yeah I like it, and my hair dresser styled it in my usual curly/wavy/boho fashion.
But yeah i'm happy, I always get dead stressed when getting my hair cut as i'm really fussy and protective over it. I could never be one of those women who chop it all off to make a statement, my hair is my safety blanket, and in it's own way it is a statement I suppose, with my long, blonde tossled curls.

I love the way my little doggie has snook into this bottom photograph, I felt mean leaving him downstairs on his own so I let him come upstairs with me, and he fell asleep under my bed for an hour but then as I began to take my outfit shots for the blog he squeezed out and decided to pop his head into one, the silly little thing, he does make me laugh though.

Do you know what, this outfit is really old, well the top is, the skirt i've not had for that long, but i've had the top for like three years, and I barely ever wear it, think i've worn it twice, but I saw it when I started packing the other day and I was like Oooooo not seen that in a while and it would be perfect for my little reddy/pinky skirt. So wham bam, I wore it and I quite liked it.
Comfy but satisfying.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Little Miss Sunshine.

I would like to take this time to say that I am now officially unemployed.
It was my last night at work on Saturday, so strange.
We all stayed behind after we finished and danced, sung our hearts out and drank lot's of cherry sourz and lemonade. Mmmmmm yummy.
Oh yeah, and then there was a tiny incident of me being attacked by two huge security men and one barman, being picked up by my hands and legs and viciously being smothered in mountains upon mountains of whipped cream. Lovely. Not.
They covered me in it, in my hair, all over my clothes, down my top.
It was horrific. I stank of whipped cream for hours.
Apparently it was their way of showing me that they loved me and they'd miss me, pfft. A nice hug would have been good enough.
I'm so sorry that i've slightly neglected the blog over the last few days, I was due to do a post yesterday, but it was mine and my dads last day off together so we went out, went bowling, to a pool and snooker hall, and then went out for tea last night with all my family, so I didn't get a chance to do a post. Please don't hate me.

These are my new trousers, that I am absolutely in love with. Yes I said trousers, I wore them and people was like Ooooo I love your skirt, and I was like Nope it's trousers !!!
They are totally boho hippy, which is perfect for autumn, and they are so pretty. I adore the colours in them, the pinks and browns and purples, so my thing. And they just make my feel so pretty and bouncy if that makes any sence.
Love love love them, I just teamed them with a casual top from H&M, I though grey would make the pant's pop. What do you think.
Oooooo they do make me happy.

Oh i'd just like to give a big shout out to Robyn at
She recently gave me a blog award and I just wanted to say a huge thankyou.
Her blog is excellent, and if you haven't visited it, then you should. She's such a lovely girl.
So thanks again Robyn, I really appreciate it.

Trousers : Topshop, £45.00
Top : H&M, £12.99
Necklace : Fiorelli

Saturday, 11 September 2010

What a Belter.

Bonjour, Hola, Kalemera, Guten Tag, Hallo, Namaste, Aloha, Salve, Jambo, Hej, Ni Hao.
Ermmmmmmm, sorry can't think of any other languages that's all I know.
But yeah. Hello.
I'm in quite a cheery mood today. Even though I had an eventful night at work last night.
Well, I had to evacuate my work after some drunk thug set the fire alarm off, so was stood outside in the cold at midnight looking all flustered whilst many sexy looking firemen stormed past me.
Next my friend who I work with Rachael accidently punched me in the eye and it swelled up like a balloon and went bright red. Not a good look. It's gone down quite alot this morning but still slightly swolen, she keeps telling me she loves me and she's sorry. Silly woman.
So peeps, it's my last night working at the bar tonight. I'm quite sad, I shall miss a lot of them.
Rachael, Emily, Sarah, Kat, John, Lenka, Aaron Danny, Mark, Will, Giro. I love you lot's.
I think we're all having a party after we close, which means staying at work, turning the music up loud and getting the drinks in, woop.

I love this bag, it makes me so happy.
I got it in Skiathos, Greece this summer when I was on holiday, in the sale for 20 euros. I couldn't say no of course. It's just to nice.
I thought it would be the perfect uni bag.
Not that I don't have enough bags, because I probably already have too many, but hey ho.
What's a girl without her accessories.

Top : H&M, £12.99
Bag : Amilies Boutique, Skiathos, 20 euros

Friday, 10 September 2010

It's a Ticking Time Bomb.

I just got home from work. It's exactly 4.00 am in the morning. I completely can't sleep.
And I know this is a pointless post so I do apologise. But I was in need of a time buster, forgive me.
However it was a perfect time to a. show off my new Urban Outfitters Sunglasses and b. play around with my editing suite.
Hope i've not bored you senseless.
Nighty night Lovely's.
Or should I say good morning, I hate working nights!

I'm Singing in the Rain.

I just this second got my university address. Eek.
This feels weird, scary, strange, overly exciting. I don't know what to think.
I'm officially in ...
Court 10, Apartment 3, Room 4. Ensuite.
It's strange to think i'll be moving out in exactly nine days. Arghhhh.
Sorry sorry i'm being boring again.
How is everyone else doing in the big wide world?

I was in a peculiar mood today, not a bad one just felt a little odd. So I decided to go do a little dance around my back garden in the rain. I had just washed me hair so didn't mind about getting wet. It was quite refreshing actually, I really enjoyed it.
I decided to put my camera on self timer and multiple shot at the same time to see what it snapped. I think they came out quite well, you can definately feel the movement. Quite an energetic photo shoot I must say.

I love this top. It makes me feel like a proper hippie when ever I wear it.
Very boho as some may say.
It's from topshop, which reminds me. I've totally fallen in love with a pair of wide leg trousers that are in topshop at the moment. They are literally heaven in clothing. I've not felt this way over a materialistic object in a long time. But these have officially stolen my heart.
I might nip in and try them on next week some time see how they look and maybe just maybe, satisfy my addiction. Maybe. Even though i'm supposed to be saving.
See, i'm weak. I'm tempted far to easily.
I think I need shopaholic counselling.

A Slight Case of Girl Crush.

Ok so I don't usually do the whole Ooooooo Ahhhhhh isn't she gorgeous kind of thing.
But Oooooo Ahhhhhh isn't she just gorgeous.
I have a serious case of girl crush when it comes to Megan Fox.
It all started when Transformers came about. I'm sure it's a combo of the dark hair and blue eyes.
Don't get me wrong, I know some people who have a far bigger obsession with her than I do.
Mines a meer, god I wish I looked like her case.
I'm sure others would happily turn lesbian for her.
Ah well.

Has anyone seen the new video for eminem ft rihanna love the way you lie.
She stars in it. I'm not a lover of the song. Sorry.
It's just not my thing, i'm more rock, indie and alternative.
The whole rap/rnb thing just isn't me.
But yeah. It's a good video.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

It's All About the Slouch Baby.

I know, I know.
At this point in my life, going to uni an'all in less than two weeks I really should be trying to save my money, but I really can't do it. I try. Really, I do. I think righty, i'll be good and won't do any more shopping, then I go into town nip in a shop to waste some time, and suddenly find myself with several shopping bags filled to the brim with tops and skirts and dresses and coats.
I'm telling you I have a minor case of schizophrenia or something. These things just happen to me. I'll try and control myself from now on. Not that i'm promising anything.
I'll admit it i'm a very weak individual.
Ooooo I got excited the other night. I don't know if anyone else watches hollyoaks like moi, to be honest I think it's been a little rubbish lately, but still. Well back to it. Zack came into my work the other night and I served him. Had a little bit of a giddy freakout afterwards, I do love him, would have preferred it to be Gilly, but Zack's my second favourite so i'm sure I can cope.
Hmmmmm at this very second i'm sat here watching an extremely weird film about Elvis Presley, JFK and a mummy. As in a skin rotting, bandaged up mummy, it's quite surreal, my dad's choice not mine.
Is anyone else excited for the new season of Fearne and ..... It's on tonight, 9 oclock ITV 2. It's Mischa Barton for the first episode, i'm really excited to watch it. Thought the last season was so good. Yeah some of the episodes were a bit dull, depending who was on, but others were so entertaining, Peaches Geldoff came across as such a bitch. But yeah. I think we should all watch it and then discuss. I'm excited !

Jumper : H&M, £12.99
Headband : Primark, £2.50
Coat : H&M, £29.99

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

There's a Big Yellow Heart just for You.

The sun's shining, i'm sat here with my cherryade and i'm officially bored.
Boredom seems to be a bit of an issue for me, I think it's partly because it's been the summer holidays for like ever, and as a whole i've run out of things to do.
Obviously part of my time is spent blogging and doing publicity, but when i'm done with that I just run out of things to do.
Hopefully it shouldn't last long today though as i'm off to nando's this evening with the girlies from college. And I think I might go into town a bit earlier to do a bit of shopping. I think it's needed. Books and so on for uni, and I might treat myself to a little something whilst i'm there. Who knows.
I love this dress so much. It makes me feel like a doll, and everyone say's I look like a china doll when I wear it to college, it just makes me feel so pretty, and the lace is so detailed and delicate it's just beautiful.
I like teaming really subtle and simple pieces like this with really statement jewellerey just because I think it gives the outfit something slightly more interesting to it. Maybe it's just me eh, but I do love my statement rings.

Align Centre
Dress : Primark, £10.00
Coat : Vintage boutique, £25.00
Ring : Muse, £8.00

I ♥

I've recently realised that I've never really mentioned much about what i'm like as an individual.
You know what I mean, things that I love, that make me happy and so on.
Yeah i've bored you with details of work and college and uni, and obviously you know a whole lot of info about my style but other than that, not much.
That's why i've decided to do a I ♥ post. Just to get in all out of the way with in one quick move.

1. Playing fetch with Thistle in the park on hot summer days.

2. Spike, just everything about him. He's my little baby.

3. These movies. In order of preference of course.

4. My dad, and his ridiculous shirts. He does make me laugh.

5. This weekend with my bestfriend, music, fun, sun, sand.

6. My mum and the way she always knows what i'm thinking.

7. These nail polishes. Pretty.

8. My guitar. Jamming in drama with my chums.

9. These rings. The first from Skiathos and the second is my mums from her dad.

10. Caramac. He's been with me my whole life, first ever teddy.

11. This photo. Enough said.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Crimson tides.

Hi there lovely's. Oh gosh, my week of constant work is over and i'm off until friday.
I'm quite sad actually, even though my work completely shatters me out I do love it, well I more love the people who I work with, most of them are so nice and we have so much fun together, the reason why i'm saying this, is it's my last shift on Saturday. I'm think of posting a photo of me at work, just for memory sakes, but it depends, maybe, maybe not.
Less than two weeks now till I move, eek. I'm so nervous but can't wait at the same time.
I'm so sorry I keep either talking about work or uni, it just seems to be taking up the majority of my time at the moment, if you want me to shutup about it all just tell me and I will.
I love this dress, it's my trusty dress. At only £4.99 how can you possibly complain, and it's really pretty, I always think it looks quite tribally, but it goes with everything, I always just mix and match what I wear with it. I've had it for a while now, but i've never posted it so I thought it was about time that I put it up.
I'm sorry that this is another indoor photo. I wanted to take some outside shots again but the weather was slightly over cast and my mother dearest is now back in work, so i'm on my own in the day. She works in a school so she's been off over the last six weeks for the summer holidays.
I'm thinking of planning some new post ideas.
If anyone has any suggestions or ideas of what you might want me to cover, just let me know.
I'm happy to consider everything.

Dress : H&M, £4.99
Cardigan : Primark, £8.00

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Time for the Garden Party.

So then, i'm doing farely well, thats three oufit shots all done outside now.
I was worried that my bedroom wall may be getting a little boring for you so i'm trying to work on some different backgrounds to mix things up a bit. I want to find somewhere really pretty and remote so I can take my photos in peace, but where I live I think it's going to be slightly hard to come by.
These shorts are a new buy, their only £8 from primark, I know primark again, but eh I went on a bit of a spree in there the other day and I figured they have a right to be posted. I really don't have anything against Primark, but I just find shopping in there to be such hard work, you have to rummage through mountains of rubbish before you find anything that could actually be considered as a good purchase and when you do you have to fight your way to the till without being beaten up by some bargain hungry shoppers. As a whole, it kinda freaks me out. I get a little twitchy when i'm in there. I have one rule. At all costs do NOT go in Primark on a Saturday, at all costs !!!
I'm absolutely shattered at the moment, i've been working ridiculous hours and it's really taking it's toll on me. It's so not fair, i've worked so many more hours than some people who I work with and yet the manager still chooses to send them home and not me. Instead i'm put incharge of running the bar, which just means extra work. Thankfully it's my night off tomorrow, i'm going to treasure it with every bone in my little body and officially laze about the house in a baggy T with a tub of ben and jerries, watching movies.
I watched the film Leap Year today, with Amy Adams, I think she's such a quirky little actress, really enjoy most of her films, Matthew Goode the male lead in the film wasn't half bad either, especially on the eye. Mmmmmmmm. Enough said.

Top : H&M, £9.99
Shorts : Primark, £8.00
Shoes : Clarkes, £18.00