Sunday, 27 March 2011

I Want To Hold Your Hand.

Ok, I know on a Sunday I would usually do my Sunday Stunners post but today I had other things on my mind that I wanted to share with you all.
Mainly just the pictures of my birthday cakes (there was a third cake but I tried to photograph it whilst still in the box and the lighting just wasn't picking it up so I will photo it when it's open)
Anyway, I had the best birthday surprise ever, My other half was taking me out for a romantic birthday meal at Prezzo, our favourite restaurant, which I was super excited about but I was kinda gutted that I wasn't going to see my parents, i've never had a birthday without them.
Anyway, we was walking to Prezzo, Pete opened the door like the gentlemen that he is and I walked in and there sat on the sofa in the waiting area was my mum and dad !!!
You should of seen my face, I think I looked like a was about to collapse in shock. I just couldn't believe it, Dad and Pete had planned the whole thing.
It absolutely made my day.

Below are two of my lovely cakes.

Oh and thankyou for all the lovely birthday messages yesterday, it meant so much to me.

The Handwriting Challenge.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Dream Boat,4.

Happy Birthday To Me.

Friday, 25 March 2011

I'm Never As Good As When Your There.

So the other day I told you that I did a little photoshoot for my boyf's friend, he sent me these photos so I thought i'd share them with you. I really like this top photo, the self concious part of me is never that taken with full length photographs. Theres always something in them that I don't like ... but hey ho, i'll get over it.
This is probably my dress of the moment, I'm not going to lie, i've worn it several times now, but it's so comfy and easy whilst still looking totally adorable. All my favourite aspects that I look for in clothes.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday, I'm not in uni on a thursday and an old friend that I used to work with was in Lincoln so we met up and had a good old chat.
I spent the afternoon, trolling around the food market for veg and strawberry's I know don't I sound like the proper little house wife, reason being I had some friends round for tea, stir fry. Alot of veg was needed !
Also went to the book shop, found this little gem of a book called The Style Diaries, a book especially for and about fashion bloggers, it's a lovely little book, got some plays for my drama course as well. Then headed to starbucks, and made my way home, caramel creme frappachino in hand.

Peeps, it's my birthday tomorrow.
I will officially be celebrating my last year as a teenager.
The big 19.
Exciting stuff eh!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I Have A Sadness Sheild That Keeps Out All The Sadness, It's Big Enough For Us All.

I really need to watch Where The Wild Things Are again soon, I love that movie, it makes me feel like i'm about five again, I was sat here trying to think of a title for this post and it suddenly popped into my head. It fit quite well too, because a couple of nights ago I was just in such an emotional mess, do you know when you just burst out crying and then can't stop, I think my other half was quite overwhelmed. Sorry.
But anyhow, that was then, in the past now. I must say that today and yesterday i've been in a much better mood, very good mood infact. I got so much done yesterday, did a photoshoot for mine and my other halfs friend Mike, so that was a laugh. Then went to a workshop, found out that I got picked for director for the play my theatre group are working on. Which is what I really really wanted.

Today was good as well.
Had a busy morning, lecture and then workshop, 9 am till 1pm. Eurghhh, did not want to get out of bed this morning.
Ooooo I directed my first scene, was quite proud.
Any way the weather is absolutely glorious here in Lincoln, and it's making me super happy, so I dragged the boyf out of the house to do an outfit shot on the canal bank.
Lovely, I had fun.
Ooooooo and guess what ... it's my 19th Birthday on Saturday.
Happy happy happy.

Just a last minute point, I know I'm waffling but hasn't there been some good stuff on tv lately.
Did anyone watch the last ever episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, last night.. Oh and everyone needs to watch Lily Allen Riches to Rags. It's awesome.
Waffle over and out.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday Stunners ... Week8.

Alexa Chung ♥

I can't quite believe that it's taken me eight weeks to include Alexa Chung in my Sunday Stunners. Not only do I think she's beautiful, in a very effortless way, but she also has the most amazing style ever. I love the way she seems to just put anything together, mixing tomboy with girly. She often describes herself as a nerdy fashion rebel.
Love it.
Ooooo I've also gone all multi media on you lovely ladies and encorporated an video that Alexa did for, My favourite style and fashion website, you can get everything on there, designers, models, celebrities, collections, trend reports ... everything !!
So take a look and enjoy the video.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

I Found Myself In Wonderland.

Do you ever have that feeling when you just feel really drained. And you just cannot be bothered doing anything! I very rarely feel like that but yesterday and today I just am so unmotivated. Quite a contrast from the beginning of the week where I was really hyped up. It's no good.
Hopefully have a weekend of relaxation, and doing what I want. Really craving a shopping trip but i'm trying to be good. Keep seeing the most amazing clothes as well. Especially from Topshop and H&M. But no no no, i'm behaving myself.

I am also hoping to get a directorial role for an up and coming play that my uni group are putting on. I so want to get director, so fingers crossed for me lovely's.
I'll let you know as soon as I do.
I think i'll find out on Tuesday.

Post Song : Alice In Wonderland, Avril Lavigne

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dream Boat,3,

Just Lovely.
I've been enjoying finding all these little inspiration photos to share with you lot.
I've got loads now so expect plenty more.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday Stunners ... Week7.

Ashley Olsen ♥

Okay I know it's probably not fair to pick a favourite when it comes to twins but I really can't help it when it comes to the Olsens. I have just never ever been a fan of Mary Kate, even when I was little watching The Olsens visit Paris, of whatever other of their cheesy films were out, I just never warmed to her.
But Ashley, I think i've always either been extra extra jealous of her or I just wanted to be her. Her style, her hair, her makeup, her bone structure, her clothes. Jealous Jealous Jealous.

Ashley is yet another of one of my hair inspiration girls. I just love it.
When it comes to hair, I love that look when it comes to hair, that looks really chic and effortless. Like you've just got out of bed and ruffled it abit. Perfect.
I love it when my hair does that. Hardly ever happens, I usually just wake up with a big frizzy bit at the front. Not good.
Ah well.

Hows everyone finding my new layout?
I still smile when I see it.
Hope you all enjoyed the Delightfully Tacky Interview as well.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Blogger Interview : Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky.

I've got a little treat for you guys. As readers of my blog will know a couple of months ago I did an Interview with Tieka from Selective Potential. And it got an amazing response from you lot.
So I recently contacted Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky, an amazing and quirky little blog, that has acheived such high success.
When I think of Elizabeths blog, I think of a blog that is sweet and delightful to read, but what I think really makes Delightfully Tacky such a pleasure to read is the fact that it is so personal to Elizabeth herself, when reading her blog from the beginning to where it is now you see such change and how her life has progressed and her blog with it. It's absolutely one of my must reads.
Enjoy the interview girly's, she's really lovely.

1. How would you best describe your style and your blog?

My style is a little bit feminine, a little bit tomboy, and very vintage inspired. I love tacky, kitschy things from the 60's and 70's, so that plays a lot into both my personal style and my blog in general.

2. You've been working on your blog for some time now and clearly put alot of effort into it, but how did you first get involved in blogging?

I randomly ran across style blogs one day while I was bopping around on the web, and I just got really excited about this whole community of people who were creative and fun and were interested in things that I was interested in. I didn't have a community of people like that in real life, so I decided to join in and start my own blog. It was really fun and I had a blast making friends with these girls from all over the world. My blog was really instrumental in helping me develop my own personal style. When I started by blog I was still just wearing t-shirts and jeans most of the time, but I was feeling the winds of change and wanted to explore different styles. I think blogging helped me gain the confidence I needed to get outside of my style comfort zone. If you'd told the me from 5 years ago that in 2011 I'd almost always wear dresses and tights, I probably would've laughed at you!

3) What is your must have item in your wardrobe?

I would say a dress that makes me feel amazing every time I put it on. I like having at least one dress that I feel super pretty in no matter what. I don't know what it is about those pieces, they just fit perfectly and are flattering in all the right places. I think every girl needs a dress or item in her closet that makes her feel amazing when she puts it on.

4) Some say that you have to spend alot of money on clothes to look fashionable, is this something you agree with or do you love to go hunting for a good old bargain?

I 100% disagree that you have to spend a lot of money to have style. I hate spending money, especially on clothes. I'm very frugal and have a hard time spending money on something I don't need, and clothes usually fall into that category. I like to thrift and I'll always check out the clearance racks before I pay full price for something. I have a rule that I won't buy something new if I know I can find something similar at a thrift store.

5) As a blogger based in the UK, I envy the amount of times you girls in America get together. Would you encourage bloggers getting together more often?

I love getting together with bloggers, mainly because you become great friends with these people online and you have so much in common, so when you get together in person, it's like you already have this great friendship even though you've never met in real life! I really do like getting together with bloggers. On my Winnebago journey I stopped in a lot of places and visited some of my blogger friends, which was awesome!

6) People who have been reading your blog for some time now will have noticed an extreme evolvement of your style as well as your blog content... Is this progression something that you are proud of, and do you think it shows how your life has changed over time?

I don't know if it's something I'm proud of or not, it's just the nature of life and being a human being. We will always be changing and evolving as we grow and have new experiences come into our lives. I guess I would say that I am proud of where I am now, but I'm also excited to see where I go from here. I'm glad that my blog has been able to grow and change with me, I think that's the beauty of blogging. It's so personal. You get to know these people and their lives. I've watched my favorite bloggers get married, have kids, move to new places... it's amazing! Since starting my blog I've grown into a completely different person, and I'm super excited about it! I love my life now and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

7) Do you enjoy reading other fashion blogs, any in particular?

I do. I enjoy reading Selective Potential, Orchid Grey, A Beautiful Mess, Here's Lookin At Me Kid, Thought is the Blossom, and so many more.

8) Who or what inspires your fashion choices?

Other bloggers are my biggest inspiration. I have a hard time identifying with runway or celebrity fashion because I can't find anything in common with them and they wear clothes that cost more than I make ina year. I love seeing how regular girls like me wear clothes that they have in their closets. It's fun and I think more creative, in a way.

9) Speaking of inspirations, alot of girls who read blogs look up to you as a role model and someone who inspires them, how does this make you feel?

When I started my blog I never thought I would be someone that people would look up to or see as a role model (especially not for style!). It's been really amazing though, getting emails and comments from people who have been inspired by me and my blog. It makes me love blogging all the more, knowing that my little blog gives people inspiration and motivation to be more confident or adventurous.

10) If you had to give one piece of advice to other fashion bloggers what would it be?

Be yourself. With the thousands of blogs out there now, what makes your blog unique is you, and it should because there is no one else who can be you. Be true to who you are, don't try to be someone else. They're probably better at being them than you are anyway. It doesn't mean that they are more awesome than you, it just means they are awesome at being them and you are awesome at being you, so work with what you've got, you're awesome all on your own.

I would like to once again thank Elizabeth for being an absolute pleasure to interview.
If you haven't already checked out her blog, DO IT NOW.
You won't be dissapointed.
Delightfully Tacky