Rebecca Emily Kelleher
Age 21

I'm just another one of those creative types. I love to write, to read, and of course to play dress up. 

I started The Dune Bug in August 2010, but due to some personal issues took some time out from it. 
However, I'm now back and looking forward to get back onto the blogosphere. 

A bubbly person through and through.
I'm far from perfect, if your one of those people that only want to see photos of people who are size zero and perfectly groomed at all times, please don't follow this blog. You won't like it. 
I spend my life in leggings and baggy cardigans. Why? Because I like them. 
What more can I say other than the fact that I'm an average girl, I get the occasional blemish and my hips are too big, a northern city girl who spends to much money on things I don't need.
I eat carbs, cheese and chocolate and they taste bloody good.
Dr Pepper is God. 

The Dune Bug is dedicated to every other normal girl out there who sometimes doesn't feel pretty enough, clever enough or tall enough.

Smile lovely's.