Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hidden in the Clouds.

I love this jumper, I really do. Do you know when your having one of those days, when it's really cold, your not doing anything and you want nothing more than to be really really comfy, this is the perfect jumper for that.
I found it the other day when I went shopping in the Topshop sale. It was so crazy, literally I had a mass of girls pushing me this way and that way, back and forth, i'm telling people get mental in the january sales. I thought it was a complete find though, it was suppossed to be £48 and I got it for £25. How lovely, I think they did it in black as well, but this was the only one I could find. Lucky eh. I actually bought it even though it's not my size, it's a couple of sizes bigger than I usually buy, but I thought it would look good wearing it as a big oversized one.
And i've completely fallen in love with it. Especially the little jewels that it's embellished with.
Just paired it with a simple pair of black leggings and some little booties. Like I said as far as i'm concerned it's the perfect, comfy yet chic outfit, hopefully anyway.
What do you all think?

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas pressie.

Hey lovlies.
Did everyone have a good christmas?
What was everyones favourite christmas pressies.
This was mine.
A lovely pandora bracelet off my boyf. Love it.
Let me know what your best pressie was in the comments.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve my lovely's.
Only one more sleep to go.

Align Centre

Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Little Bit Dotty ♥

Sorry I've not posted in a while peeps.
I've been a busy little bee getting ready for all things christmasy, that basically means alot of pressie shopping, eating lovely food, playing in the snow etc.
It's still a bit difficult doing all this when the snow is up to my ankles.
I had to go shopping for a pair of winter boots the other day, just so that I don't keep falling over on my bottom, I fell really bad the other day in uni, in front of everyone, it was rather embarrasing.

So what's everyones favourite thing about christmas?
I love everything, the shopping, the food, everything.
I love all the festive films that come on tv, and make you feel like your about five again.
It's just great.
Two more sleeps, exciting, i'm such a big kid.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

I'll be the owl on your branch ♥

I'm so so so excited at the moment.
This week is my last week in uni before I go home for christmas, eek.
My lovely Popsicles (dad) is coming down thursday night and taking me out for tea then we venture home on friday. Cannot wait.

Even though i'm dying to go home i'm gonna miss Pete so so much.
He lives in Wales, which is about an hour and a half away from me, which isn't too bad and he has promised to come down to manchester at some point over the holidays.
It's just going to be too weird.
We live together in Lincoln, so we're used to seeing each other like every day for ages.
He goes home on thursday, I think I might cry...

Has everyone got all their christmas shopping done yet?
Chop chop. It's officially 13 days till christmas. So times running out.

I love the top i'm wearing in this post.
I've had it for ages now, got it from Urban Outfitters, it was like £30 but worth it.
I just totally fell in love with the print, it's little owls, I know it's difficult to see properly on the photos, but you'll just have to trust me that it's really really cute.

Friday, 3 December 2010

1. So then last night was my BDNO (Big Disney Night Out) in Lincoln city center, I went as Bagherra out of the Jungle Book, absolutely love it, it was so funny trying to trudge through the snow in nothing but little boots velvet effect leggings and a velvet effect three quarter length sleeves. As could well be predicted, it was extremely extremely cold, I've never wanted my bed and my hoodie so much in my life.

2. I'm really craving my home town and house and room and parents and doggie at the moment. I'm sick of being annoyed by the same couple of people in my flat over and over again, I really get on with boys so much better than I do girls, everything just seems to be a competition and i'm tired of it. I really want my home comforts right now, missing my mum and dad like mad.

3. Is everyone excited over the fact that it's december, I can't believe it, december the 3rd already. Has everyone been keeping up to date with their advent calenders, you best be, I have two, my own and then a share one with my boyf. Just need to finish off christmas shopping now. Need to buy for my mum, dad, best friend, nana and Pete, and then i'm all done. I love christmas shopping.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Date Night ♥

Awwww this was such a good night.
Me and Pete went to Prezzo a local Italian restaurant which is just devine.
It was really relaxing and so much fun.
We just spent the whole night laughing and joking at each other.

This playsuit that i'm wearing is one of my absolute favourite buys.
I had my eye on it from when it first came out in Topshop but at £50 I just couldn't justify spending the money on it.
Any how, went in Topshop last week, they had a little sale on and I found just one in my exact size, I got so excited and had to buy it. At £20 who can complain.
Oooooo and I also spent £28 on some new Yves Saunt Lauren foundation. Eek expensive. But so so so lovely, I really need to stop spending.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Snowy days fashion.

Righty Oh, so here in Lincoln we are currently covered head to toe in snow, no joking it's mental. And just so happens to lead to the most crazy, ridiculous snow ball fights ever known to man, like hundreds and hundreds of crazy students running around in the freezing cold, lobbing ice balls at each other.
One just so happened to hit me right on the top of my head and hurt quite a bit.

But yeah, it was very very fun.
I'm not going to complain about it.
But yeah, due to this could outburst I had to splash out on a new coat, new gloves. And this is just my old, trusty sequin hat that I just love.
It's one of my faves.
Love it.
Fun night tonight, you gotta love the snow.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Model of the Week.2.

Edie Campbell.

"Her Sloe-eyed beauty, coltish limbs, oval face and Penelope Tree fringe - even her name - evoke a Sixties beatnik vibe."

In other words one hell of a photograph.
It's just lovely.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What a Cutie ♥

I love these photo's so much, they were taken the other friday night just before Pete took me out for a romantic meal. It was such a lovely, perfect night.
They are just one of those sets of photos that make you smile ear to ear, I can't get enough of them.

Monday, 15 November 2010

It's All About the Vogue.

I'm officially back from Welshland or Sheep country as some like to call it.
Anyway due to my rather good mood at the moment, I decided to get up off my bottom and take some outfit photos, for your lovely viewing.
Guess what, as many of you who read my blog may recall, for the past couple of months i've been moaning on and on about there being a serious lack of H&M in Lincoln, seriously it cannot be found anywhere and it was nearly killing me as i'm used to shopping there weekly.
Back to the point, my lovely boyfriend whilst in Wales took me to Chester, where guess what the have .... an H&M... Woo. You cannot believe how excited I was, it was like I suddenly became possessed by a shopping bug and went insane. As all H&M fans would agree, the prices are very good, with most items ranging from between £7.99 - £24.99. I managed to spend £111 in one foal swoop. And then I went to top shop, and then I went to Republic, Shocking, but it was a very good day for the wardrobe. The top i'm wearing in the photos are one of my buys from the madness.
Over all it was a lovely weekend, we shopped, we ate out, we ate in, we played jenga and monopoly and cuddled lots and lots. Oh and I read a whole lot of Vogue. He makes me smile so much.

Top : H&M, £9.99
Skirt : H&M, £2.99
Leggings : Primark, £3

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Model of the Week.1.

Okie Dokie then.
This is my first Model of the Week post. I'm quite excited about it actually.
From the start of this idea when I first decided that I was going to do this post, I knew straight away who my first model would be.
Abbey Lee Kershaw.
I'm sure the majority of fashion lovers will know who she is. You cannot miss her within the fashion industry these days, she's everywhere. From Vogue to Elle to Tatler.
And she is so so so gorgeous. I'm absolutely jealous of her, mainly because her hair, and her eyes. But yeah, a girl can dream.

Right so I'm afraid my blog will be lacking in posts this weekend, infact I doubt i'll have any time at all to do a post.
I'm going away to Wales with my boyfriend for the weekend to meet the family. I'm so nervous, but excited at the same time, i'm all packed, i've taken so many outfits it's unbelievable, but a girl needs choices right. Theres some nice going out outfits, there's some shopping style outfits, and some casual chic outfits, I can never decide what to wear in the morning, so I had to find a good amount of options for myself.
So I suppose this is me signing out for the weekend, i'm quite scared of leaving flat in the hands of my housemates, especially when I know their having people over for a few drinks tomorrow, I hope my scatter cushions will be safe, fingers crossed.
Have a lovely weekend peeps. I'll off to sheep country, woo.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Webcam Fun.

It's so bad how little i've been posting lately, I've been a bad blogger, and for this I have to apologise.
Last week was absolutely rubbish, I had one presentation, one performance and two essays. Didn't help that I had a completely useless presentation group that didn't do any of their work on time so kept me in the library until midnight. Hmmmm I wasn't impressed as you can guess.
So yep it wasn't good, and i'm just getting all stressed out about getting my grades back now as it's my first assignment at uni. What can I say ... Sad face.
I suppose it did perk up eventually though, I finished my essays four days early and went out for a romantic meal with Pete on the Friday night to Prezzo, a gorgeous Italian restaurant Mmmmmm.
And then which completely made it all better, my lovely mumsy and popsicles came down to visit me for the weekend. It was so nice, we didn't even do that much, we just walked around town and up towards the famous cathedral where all the little, cute boutiques and vintage shops are. And then we went to Prezzo, again. Yummy, I was so upset when they left on Sunday, it was so nice having them around, I miss them so much.

I've been trying to think of some new blog post ideas.
So far i've decided to do a Model of the week. And a Love of the week, this could be anything, handbags, shoes, boys, food, shop, anything, but yeah, i'll try and get it going.
And ofcourse i'll do my outfit posts and so on, i've just been so busy lately.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Ring a Ring a Poesy ♥

Isn't Clemence Poesy just one of the most beautiful women in the world.
I'm seriously jealous, her hair, her face, she's just perfect.
And it all looks so effortless.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Hallow.

So then, the big halloween party has now been and gone. It was so so so much fun.
Usually i'm a really quick kind of low maintenance girl, who gets ready for a night out in about half an hour have my hair and makeup however feels right, I tend to just go for it really.
But for this bloody costume, I changed my makeup so many times it was starting to annoy even me, who loves putting on makeup.
I love my random fake eyelash, it's a silver glittery spiders web and I think it's really amazing.
I'm a rag doll, got the dress, £15 from Primark, and just accessorised with bits and bobs that I had.

What do you guys think, is it scary enough.
I'm not going to lie, I haven't really got much to say today, other than the party last night i've just hung out with my boyfriend, steph and simon, and came home and i've done my work ever since, oh and i've had tea. And coffee.
But apart from that i've been boring.
I've got my assessment tomorrow, my performance of Shakespears Loves Labours Lost, where I have to wear a valore tracksuit and black corset, if you read my blog you'll know that i've already complained about this. Hmmmm i'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, 29 October 2010

My Own Little Pumkin Carriage.

Can any one else believe that it's halloween this weekend. It's come around so fast this year.
So what's everyone dressing up as?
I've got a halloween party tomorrow, and i'm dressing up as a rag doll. I've been quite inspired, i'm doing all my makeup really wacky, with love heart red and black lips, stitches around my mouth and eyes, white face. And I've got some really really cool fake eyelashes, that are so OTT. But totally amazing because of it.
Don't worry i'll take lot's of photos and make sure I put some of them up.
My dress is amazing as well. I wanted to get something that I could wear over and over, So it's black, with lace at the top, and then it puffs out in a mesh skirts, sounds abit bizarre, but it's cool just trust me about this one.

I was out in Lincoln town center with my boyfriend today, doing a bit of shopping for our halloween costumes, sorry that I keep talking about halloween, i'm excited. But anyway, I walked past Topshop and saw that there was a big sale on, so I got all carried away with myself and went in. I found this dress alone on one of the racks, without a price tag, and a lovely little silk and lace skirt, I fell in love with the print on it and felt like I had to get it. It's so pretty. When I took it to the cashier, the lady told me it was only £15 and I couldn't say no. What a steal.
Love it.
I don't know what to team it with though, I might wear it tomorrow, and mess about with some different ideas for it. Hmmmmm i'm thinking a pretty ring.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Smile For The Camera.

So then my lovlies. It's been particularly uneventful today, I was going to get up at a reasonable time and do some work and photography this morning, but I ended up staying in bed until about 1 oclock, it was awful, I wasn't asleep the whole time, infact I did get up at about half 11 to cook myself some cheese and beans on toast, but then got back in bed. What can I say it's been some kind of lazy day. I went to Morrisons, and treated myself to some £1 Mint Matchmakers and some half price Ben and Jerries icecream, so so so good. Might took into it later tonight.
I'm such a nerd, I've just been really excited about tonight all day, and for what, to stay in with my boyfriend Peter, my flat mate Simon and Simon's girlfriend Steph and play Pictionary. Yay, I seriously cannot wait, me and Pete beat Simon and Steph every single time we play it, it's become a little bit of a tradition, but I love it. I think we're just gonna play all night and live off junk food. Mmmmmmm, as my new saying would go ...... SWEET.

I'm not going to lie, i'm watching the X Factor as we speak, it's just started, so then who does everyone want to win, I can't decide, quite a few good ones I think, as well as some pretty awful ones as well. But there always is.
Anyway i'm going to trot off now, I know I need to prepare for an outfit post soon, I've just not been inspired with my outfits lately. Hmmmmm I so want to go shopping, Can't wait for christmas, January sales, here I come, will be amazing.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

It's Time For The Magic Dance.

Mmmmmm you cannot beat a big warm snuggly jumper.
Has anyone else noticed that in the last week everywhere has been really really cold, Seriously it seems like only a month ago I was wondering around in my little cardigans and leggings, and now i'm in big wooley knits. Not that I'm complaining, I love my big comfy jumpers.
This is a newby to the collection, I'm so sorry the photographs aren't that amazing again but the lighting in my room has been shocking, I might pick myself up a tripod and try some different locations and back drops.
I'll just feel silly walking around lincoln like woo, let's take photo's of me!!!
Hmmm I'm figure s0mething out.

I went for red nails today, I always forget how much I love red nails, there's something really classic about them. I've got a real urge to buy some red jewellery as well to accessories with.
It's terrible I keep thinking of things that I want to buy and then remembering that i'm a student and I probably shouldn't. Bloody poor, I hate it.

Leggings : H&M, £5.99
Jumper : Primark £11.00
Watch : Urban Outfitters, £29.99
Rings : Topshop and Accessorize

Monday, 18 October 2010

I'm so not Katie Price, Ewwww.

I was hit with some terrible terrible news today.
In my performance, my lecturer has decided to turn my character into a Katie Price type figure.
I'm devastated, I couldn't be less like Katie Price if I tried.
And she wants me to wear .... Wait for it.
Fashion Crime of the Century, A VALORE TRACKSUIT. In might I add, either hot pink or bright blue. Oh no. I will look like I've just stepped out of a chav factory, not happy about this concept at all as you might be able to tell.
Oh I never though, for those of you who don't know who Katie Price/Jordan is, she's a completely awful, always appears on worst dressed lists, common, piece of filth, plaster your boobs over everywear imaginable in a very unclassy way kind of woman.
So yeah.... That should make for an interesting play.

I'm not going to lie, I'm really unhappy about how these photos in the post turned out.
The lighting at this time of the day is awful and for some reason they just don't look right in my opinion. But hey, i'm fussy. What do you all think.
I need to think up some more outfits to post about, i'm feeling uninspired, so so so want to go shopping.
I miss Urban Outfitters and they don't even have a H&M here, How will I cope?
Answer : I won't.

Trousers : Newlook, Sale £6.00
Cardigan : H&M, £9.99
Vest Top : H&M, £3.99
Lace Top : Primark, £2.00
Ring : Topshop, £8.00