Friday, 2 September 2011


These are the cover photos for the latest addition of Love Magazine, and with no pun intended, I absolutely love them. When I went out to my local WHSmiths to buy my copy I was in there for so bloody long umming and arring over which cover to go for ... it obviously being an extremely important decision as this magazine is seriously overpriced at a whopping £6, might as well be getting a book. But in the end I punted for the Elle Fanning cover, in case your interested I have put the covers in my order of preference on this post so sorry girlies but for me its Elle, Chloe, Lara and then Hailee. Their all gorgeous of course though. 
What does anyone else think, let me know which is your fave !!! 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Blustery Day On The British Coast

This was one of those mornings when spontaneity hits and I ended up having to jump out of bed and get ready in as little as ten minutes. Not an easy thing to do when your hair is often as crazy and wilful as my own. Hence the reason why it is chucked up in a top knot, can't look perfectly groomed at all times. Ended up having a really nice day as well as it happens, took my pooch Thistle to the beach along with mum and dad. I love it when we go to Formby, its the perfect place to spend a summers day, they having every thing. A huge lovely beach, miles of impossible sand dunes and a forest that goes on forever, we've gotten lost like every time we've been, but its glorious watching all the little rabbits hop about everywhere.
So so cute.
I snapped the photo below of my little doggie when he was in a wild rampage rolling around in the sand, I know he looks like a mental case. You can trust me when I say that he's not savage at all and he wouldn't hurt a fly, he's actually a total wimp. Although he did bite my bum when I was pretending to beat my dad up. I'm not a savage either, Promise.

Any way, not an exciting outfit, or look.
But as I said, for a 10 minute get ready session, it's not too bad. No Makeup though ... EEK!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Its All In The Wrist

I finally got my bowler hat! Exciting time in my life indeed, I know I know, this is slightly o.t.t but i've wanted a bowler hat for so long now, and i've never found one that didn't either smell funny or cost an utter fortune. But today my best friend H&M broke through for me and gave me this little beauty of a hat for a minuscule £7.99. Couldn't say no to that now could I.
Had quite a nice day today, went shopping to town with my lovely mumsy. We're both skint at the moment so we couldn't really afford to go wild, just got some lunch, bought a few books, I accidently got rid of my copy of Pride and Prejudice so I re bought that and then got two other books as well. Also got some new earings, the ones i'm wearing in the photos above, absolutely love them, gonna become one of my favourites I think. Other than that I just bought some new moisturiser. Not exciting, I chose the Neutrogena visibly clear, oil-free moisturiser, i'll be sure to let you know how it is.

I think I might be going to the cinema tonight to see the new Inbetweeners movie, not sure yet, my friend is getting her hair cut at 4 so it depends what time she gets out whether we go or not.
Also depends on whether i've not got too comfy with my book.

This is a very heavily accessories related post, I'm big on accessories. Shoes, bags, jewellery, I love it. I'm pretty famous with all my friends for my accessory collection, if they ever need some earings, or a necklace to wear i'm their go to girl, they know that i'm bound to have something that'll go with it.
Anyway I thought I would give you a snippet of what's going on, on my wrist. I love quite minimal bracelets I usually either just have my pandora on or a little collection of quirky little bands and so on.
In the picture below are my favourites of the moment.
I also have an obsession with vintage Casio digital watches, this is my simple classic one, but the blue Casio is probably my favourite at the moment.
Hope you like.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Rush of Blood

For me this is one of those, today I am not leaving the house other than to run to the supermarket to get food outfits! No harm in that is it, see the trick is to find the perfect balance between a lazy throw on and still looking effortlessly "chic" not that I'm saying that I look chic, big headed slip of the tongue moment. I'm not big headed at all, I just personally don't think you can go wrong with an oversized tee, leggings and studded ankle boots. bright nail varnish as well just to mix it up a bit. I actually got this nail polish free with the latest edition of Elle Magazine. Really like it as well, lovely bright orange shade I think it's just called The ELLE Orange. There were three different shades to pick from, this one, a grey shade which was practically identical to one that I already own and a maroon colour. Orange was my fave so I thought why not!

My mum and dad are going away on holiday tomorrow, they are trying a boating experience, my idea of a nightmare if i'm honest, don't get me wrong, its not the idea of the boat. It's the idea of being in such a small enclosed space with my parents for a whole week. I love my mum and dad so much, and i'm probably a lot closer to them than most people are to their parents, but they do have the capability to drive me absolutely loony.
Quite looking forward to having some me time as well, so much has gone on in my life over these past few months and it'll be nice to just have some quiet time, maybe get a day without someone asking me about my love life, or if i'm over he who shall not be named ever again on this blog because he is so unworthy of it! Oh gosh i'm ranting again, apologies.
But yeah, some nice, girly, me time which basically means i'm going to spend the following week reading books and magazines, indulging in a wide variety of my favourite movies, walking around in my pj's and basically doing whatever the hell I like.
Sounds like the perfect week if you ask me!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Criminal Activity

Don't worry, i'm not suffering from some kind of look at the floor syndrome, there isn't anything on my foot or something like that, I'm just hiding a huge spot!! Blushing in shame right now, it's disgusting. I've fortunately pretty much been blessed with good skin throughout my life, i've never really suffered from acne or breakouts, the worst my skin ever got was when I was about 16 I just used to get the odd patch of blemishes on my cheek! But yeah, you can't have it perfect all the time, so for the time being I have been cursed with this volcanic eruption that is taking place on my chin! Not a good look, when going out in public or taking outfit shots for the blog.

I've actually had a really nice day today, drove to Stoke with my mumsy, auntie and cousin to go visit Dagfields, this really huge antiques place. Its not my usual scene but my mums got this crazy obsession with going out and buying old antique baskets, spray painting them and lining them with pretty fabric, don't get me wrong, she's actually really good at it and they end up looking super cute but she does drive me slightly crazy with it all.
We're kinda two peas in a pod me and mum but in a totally different way, self contradiction there I know, but if you knew us, it would totally make sense!
There's me who's really creative in terms of fashion and style, I also write quite a lot as well as my acting and directing, and then there's my mum who's really creative in terms of arts and crafts, as well as her basket fetish she "up-cycles" old bits of furniture as well as making little rag dolls and cushions. She does loads of other things but the list would go on so i'm restricting it!
I'll sneak into her room and take a photo of the basket hoard for you!
Anyway, I just bought a few nice bits a bobs for my room in my new flat today, got some little wall signs and then some bunting!! The little girl in me absolutely adores bunting, I asked my mum so make me some ages ago but she never did, so I saw it today and thought, its a must!

Here's some of the baskets that my mum has given a new life too! May I add she does these entirely herself, paints, lines with fabric, the lot! All are hand made by her pretty little self.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Life's A Scream

I've been having such a weird feeling week. My emotions have been totally all over the show, one second i'm fine and the next i'm feeling all distant and introverted. Honestly don't have a clue why. Anyway following my new rules set in my last post I am making myself do things that the old Becci would find really nerve wrecking. For example recently i've been trying to sort out my payments for my new flat that i've just started renting, moving in next month. But i've been having loads of problems with my bank and standing orders and so on. Anyway i've been putting off phoning them for weeks but today I woke up this morning and thought, right Becci, stop being so silly and just phone them. So I did. And i've finally got it all sorted, the first payment is all paid and now I can relax and look forward to picking up my keys any time after the 1st of September. Thumbs up. I know it sounds silly, but I always become some kind of quivering wreck whenever I need to contact anyone involving money or important issues. I have like zero confidence in the fact that I'm actually capable of sorting something out. It's stupid I know.
To be honest I don't understand myself, I'm so confident in certain aspects of my life, for example social issues, acting, being on stage, meeting new people, I handle all of that with no problem what so ever, it comes easily to me. But I seem to have no confidence when it comes to myself as a person, I never think i'm good enough, pretty enough, clever enough. I think I hide behind my bubbly drama student front. It's only really ever my parents that see how self concious I really can be. Mums been ranting at me about it for years.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Kittycat Is Back

I am fully aware that right now I would most likely be considered as the most indecisive blogger out there. My minds been all over the place, I've been blogging one minute and not the next, starting a new blog and then not being fully happy with it. To be honest I think I've just been generally unsatisfied recently. Do you know when your just going through one of those phases where absolutely nothing is going right for you, well that is currently me. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to ramble on here, feeling overly sorry for myself, i'm not, i'm sick of wallowing and feeling sorry for myself, that's why recently I've been thinking about my future, what I want out of life, what I want to do. Not getting ahead of myself but I feel like i'm in one of those blah patches of my life which seems to be going nowhere. So i'm thinking ambitions, ambitions, ambitions.
As most of my readers will know, i'm currently working towards my drama degree, not that I know what i'm going to do with it, I've kinda always gone for the safe option, thinking I'll do this and then do a P.G.C.E and teach. But is that really something I want to spend the rest of my life doing ? I don't know. The only two job ambitions that ever really get me excited is either working for a fashion magazine like Elle, Harpers Bizarre or god forbid Vogue or when I was little I used to want to work in one of those shelters for orphaned monkeys! I know right, fashion magazine v's monkeys, have you ever heard anything like it! But seriously how competitive is it to get a job at any successful magazine, can I really risk my whole future and just go for it. I wouldn't even know where to start. I would love to write my own column, that would just be a dream come true.
But when do you stop dreaming and start thinking shit ... bills!

Wow that was a rant, talk about coming back to the blog after a break and hitting you with the heavy stuff, what can I say I've just been thinking about things lately.
I've also decided that after uni, I would love to move down to London, which means I really need to get a job and start saving! I want a fresh start and I've always been a city girl, I love the bustle and excitement, with so many different opportunities, people and cultures.
I'm dreaming big people, which mean i'm making changes in my life starting from now, it's almost like a list of things that I will start doing to work towards a new me and a new life .. basically i'm gonna become a reading, writing, full on nerd for a while. Who has an eye for style of course. Here's my list of perfectly reasonable goals...

1. Minimal alcohol (I am cleansing my body)
2. Explore new and healthy food combinations (still with the whole cleansing idea)
3. Get a job (Again)
4. Read a lot (Literature, articles, plays)
5. Blog substantially (I've been lazy lately and I apologise for it)
6. Be confident and outgoing
7. Respect Myself

Oh and by the way, forgive the photos. They were taken at my cousins hen party last night, I don't dress up all leopardy on a day to day basis ... Honest.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Girls Play Games

Ok my lovely's I have some news!
But before I get to that I would like to say a hugeeeeee thankyou to everyone who follows my blog but above all I would like to thank the readers who commented in my last post.
As some of you will know i've been going through a rough time of it at the moment and my blog really has suffered because of it, i've been so uninspired and i've just had no motivation to actually do anything.
The support and encouragement that you guys have given me has really raised my spirits so much, and I really am starting to feel a lot better about everything, and a lot of it is really down to you guys.

However, I'm at a stage in my life where I feel I just need a really fresh start, but I really don't want to let you guys down!
I'm afraid it's time for a new blog guys.
I'm not going to stop blogging at all, you have been there for me far to much for me to do that, but I have made a new blog called The Girls Play Games and I will be blogging from there from now on. I would love it if you would all follow my new blog, because I really don't want to loose any of you because your the reason why I love blogging and I really feel like i've made a friendship and connection with all of you.

So please.... Join me in this new adventure

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Breakdown Society SOS.

Ok. I guess firstly I need to apologize for having practically a whole month away from the blogosphere. So sorry.
Secondly I guess all of my lovely and loyal readers will be wondering where the hell I disappeared to and why. The truth is nowhere exciting, in fact rather the opposite.
About 3 and a half weeks ago I got really really ill, with the worst throat infection i've ever had in my life, literally I had blood at the back of my throat, I couldn't eat or drink, couldn't sleep due to the pain being that excruciating, so yeah, that lasted for about a week or so, and then I had to run back to uni for a few days to do my last performance that I was being examined on.

Then about a week or two ago I went to Wales, and started to get this really weird and intense pain in the top of my leg, so I came home early and it got worse, again no sleep. So on monday morning I was rushed to hospital, they said that I had a really bad infection in my leg so for the past six days i've been on 9 tablets a day unable to walk or do anything, just basically sit there in agony.

And now for the real painful bit, that kills me to say, if all that wasn't bad enough ... me and my long term boyfriend Pete broke up. So i've also been in a severe state of depression. Emotional breakdowns galore and I still don't even like to think or talk about it .. so thats all i'm saying on the matter.

Anyway, I hope things have been going better in all your lives.


Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Artist In The Sky.

Look what I have for you today ... A proper outfit shot, yay, I finally made time.
To be honest it's not exactly the most exciting outfit, I just chucked this on for a quick run into town when I had to go to the bank, the sun was shining, so I thought little tee and skirt combo, you can't really go wrong, although this skirt did keep blowing up terribly due to the wind, I had to be careful to keep my dignity for some of the trip.
I love the shoes that i'm wearing in this post, their just the simplist pair of little loafers ever and their only from primark, but their just so easy to wear and go with absolutely anything.
For only £10 who can possibly complain.

I've been a busy little bee today, finally finished all of my essays that need to be done for university, all I have to do now is my performance and then i'll be all done for summer, cannot wait i'm telling you. Unfortunately due to my extreme lack of money at the moment I can't afford to go on holiday anywhere, other than obvious trips down to Wales to visit Pete, so it'll be a summer of enjoying what sun I have here in England and filling my time with fashion, crafts, exercise and salads, fruits etc.

Ooooo I do have my cousins wedding to look forward to, I got my invitation for it today, so I need so seriously start planning, outfit, hair, makeup, all of those girly things that need serious planning.

Hope everyones had a lovely Saturday and enjoy the rest of your weekend, including Bank holiday ... Again!

Top : Topshop, £10
Skirt : H&M, £6.99
Belt : Newlook
Shoes : Primark, £10

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Strawberry Shoe Laces.

I've been so so super busy this past couple of weeks.
I've had like a million essays to do, and my mum and dad are moving house so i've been helping them with all the packing, as well as me moving back to manchester for the summer. Crazy times my lovely.
Do you know what tv show i've guiltily being additively watching ... The Only Way Is Essex ... I know it really is utter trash tv, but it's just so bad it makes it great, I just love to watch the people in it and have a good old laugh at them.

So we're in serious need of a catch up, I feel like a need to refresh myself on the blogosphere. Catch up with everyone. I've been slacking, i'm very sorry for it.
Hopefully i'll be back on the ball soon ready for the summer months.

Fill me in lovely's !

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Dream Boat. 05.

I've been a very bad blogger over this past week, so you all have my eternal apologies.
I have been mad busy.