Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Eye of the tiger.

Today I went to Chester Zoo.
It's officially one of my favourite places in the whole world.
I've not been there in so many years, well I drove there with my friend Callum last month, but we didn't actually go in, it was a bit random, i'm not sure why we did it. Oh well boredom drives you to these things.
The only thing that annoys me about it, is the rude people that insist on either bumping into you really aggressively or who like to move right infront of you when you've just lined yourself up for the perfect photo ever. Eurghhhh, annoying, sorry rant over.
So I figured, hours of walking around looking at monkeys and bears and all sorts of other things I need a comfy outfit. So I went to my go to top of the moment, I know, I'm sorry i've posted this top before, I feel guilty, and like a lazy fashion blogger, but I love it and it goes with so much, also my favourite cardigan in the whole world and my lovely green shoes. I never wear these shoes, I mean c'mon bright green shoes, what can you wear them with. But I pulled it off. I love them, always will. I do need to buy some more things to wear them with though.

I was so proud of myself, due to the mega amount of excitement that I was experiencing yesterday awaiting my trip to the zoo, I decided to theme myself, so did a leopard print effect nails.
I never do nail art, but I was so bored that I thought I would give it a go, and personally I thought that they turned out really well. My mum was very impressed anyway so hey.
To do it I just used my Models Own gold caret nail varnish and then I used my Max Factor black liquid eyeliner pen to draw on the shapes, it was basically in simple terms just a few squiggles, that probably sounds silly but there was nothing fancy to it.

These are some of my favourite photos that I took on my new camera.
The first of the butterfly was taken inside the butterfly house.
I honestly think it's the most beautiful photo i've ever taken in my life.

And now it's time for Alexander ♥
Who doesn't love Meerkats?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

It's An Anti Laze.

Sunday. Hmmmm.
Sunday has been my lazy day for the whole of my life I think, it's always spent sat in my big comfy arm chair watching movies and eating chocolate. But not today, today I actually have plans. In about and hour and twenty minutes i'm making my way to a Toby Carvery with my parents, have a nice Sunday dinner, Mmmmmm. Can't wait. And then tonight I have a party for one of my best friends birthday, It's supposed to be a garden party with a hog roast, very posh.
Sad news though, I can't drink.
Still on my antibiotics for my ear infection, it's feeling much better now.
I mean I don't mind not drinking too much, but it's a little sad, i've never been a big drinker but I always enjoy a little cocktail or something a Dune Bug being my favourite. Lovely. If you ever come across one on a cocktail menu, you should try it. Unless you don't like Malibu, Midori, Banana de Kuper or pineapple.

My outfit. It's abit bright, I love this cardigan, always have. I think the colour is amazing, when I got it I took all the buttons off and sewed on my own, their like a purple crystal effect. Difficult to explain, but their really pretty.
I can never make my mind up about this denim dress. I found it in the bottom of my wardrobe and thought hmmmmm I remember you. Tried it on, and, well I can't decide. What do you think?

Cardigan : H&M, £9.99
Dress : Urban Outfitters, £35.99

Friday, 27 August 2010

Okie Dokie Lovely's.

My lovely lovely followers. Second post of the day, I'm on the ball eh.
Anyway back to the point.
I officially need your help. As I informed you on the post before this one, i've entered an online competition. It involved taking a photograph of yourself done up in a bohemian style and posting it onto an online gallery and having viewers vote for you. The prize, a photo shoot with LOOK magazine, and a bag of collection 2000 makeup goodies. It would be an amazing thing to win, and would be excellent advertisment for the blog.
You have no idea how much I would appreciate some of your votes. The photographs above are the look that I made for it. I used the first photograph for the style. Please please please vote for me.
Oh I forgot to mention, if you vote you also have a chance to win one of thirty Collection 2000 makeup goody bags. It's a new line, and i've been hearing nothing but good things about it.

You can vote at the Gallery on Camera Ready Style.
Last time I checked I was on the second page, but I may have moved so please take the time to flick through. It means alot to me.
What do you think of the photos. In my vintage coat, I think the hair is quite boho as well.
Hope you like.

Listen to the Rhythm.

I'm moving on in the blogging world. I didn't want you all to get bored with outfit post after outfit post so I decided to try putting the odd bits and bobs of something else up. Everyone of my friends say that I tend to like really weird music, I mainly love old 60's - 70's soft rock. But in modern terms I tend to go for quite alternative, little independant bands and singers.
One of the more mainstream bands that I absolutely love, is Zooey Deschanel's She and Him. I think her voice is so unique.
Oooooo and pulling in some of my fashion theme, I think her style is to die for. I always think she looks quite 50's inspired. Very feminine, she's always in little dolly dresses, which I adore, the fabrics and prints she goes for are just to die for.
Also a huge fan of 500 Days Of Summer, but how many times have you heard that said on a blog. I'm not following the crowd, I just love it. Sorry.

I'm still ill peeps, but i'm now on antibiotics and steroids to reduce swelling, so if I start suddenly looking slightly macho you know why, steroids, not a good thing for little blonde fashion bloggers.
Went to work last night, and could not hear one thing, literally, as I work in a nightclub, loud music and being deaf in one ear do not lead to being able to work sufficiently. As well as this the loud music just made my ear hurt even more, so today I phoned in sick, and plan to do the same thing tomorrow. I usually hate phoning in sick, worrying about getting sacked, but I leave for uni in a few weeks so i've not got anything to loose. I still feel a little guilty though.

I've enter a online competition to star in a shoot for LOOK magazine, I had to do a boho inspired photo and upload it, just waiting for it to be checked and put on the gallery now, then i'll do a post of my entry and you can see what you think. Hopefully won't take long.

Hope you enjoy the music video.
I'll post again tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Someones hit me with the I word.

I'm suffering. That's all I have to update you on.
I've got the worse ear infection in the whole world, it's so painful all the time. Feels like someones jabbing my poor ear with a hot poker, not nice as you can imagine.
I've not been sleeping due to the pain, was awake from 3 oclock this morning. So i'm as grumpy as anything, and what makes it worst, i'm working for the next four nights straight.
I feel like crying. My doctor gave me some eardrops, that do not work !!!!

This outfit is a bit of a comfy one, due to me feeling sorry for myself.
I love the size of this top, it's just so relaxing.
And of course my trusty leather jacket.
Can't go wrong with it.
Do you know what I think this entire outfit is H&M.
Is that like a fashion crime or something.
Hopefully not, I just always get my closet basics from H&M, cheap and cheerful eh.

Anyway i'm so sorry for all my moaning this post.
It's probably boring for you to read.
I'll hopefully be cheerier for you next time.
Over and out.

Top : H&M, £9.99
Skirt : H&M, £2.99
Leather Jacket : H&M, £29.99

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Just a Little Spontaneous.

I got my new camera !!!
Very very happy with it, that's it in the bottom photo below.
It came to £207 all together, because I bought a memory card, case and insurance to go with it.
I did a quick bit of shopping in H&M whilst I was in Manchester as well.
Spent £35 and got two skirts, two tops and a dress. Pretty good eh. It was all comfy basics, oversized t's and so on, but I wanted to buy things to relax in.
And i'm trying to stock up my wardrobe for University.

I just wanted to take this time to say thankyou to all my followers and visiters that comment.
It's only been two weeks today since I started my blog and I already have 30 followers and lots of comments, it makes me so happy when you all share your thoughts and opinions with me. I absolutely love talking with you all, it's my favourite thing about blogging.
Hopefully i'll keep up the good posts for you all.
You really don't know how much I appreciate your support.
Thankyou my lovely followers.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody.

I have never been so tired in my whole life. For real. Work has been no stop this weekend, and then my parents came in with my cousins to surprise me and get free drinks, not that I blame them.
So today is my official lazy day. I'm going to sit in my comfy arm chair, blogging and researching random things.

I love this outfit so much, just because it's so relaxing and makes me feel all warm and snuggly without looking like a complete scruff.
My mum likes to tease me whenever I wear this cardigan, I quote, "awwww she's got granny cardigan out again" But oh well i'm being grannyish and proud, Is grannyish even a word?
I never usually wear hair pieces or headbands, purely out of the fact that i'm too lazy to do anything to my hair, I put it into a single braid every night before bed, then take it out in the morning and ruffle it and ta dahh, that's all I ever do. Unless i'm going out, then I make a bit more of an effort.
This top was a complete bargain, in the Urban Outfitters sale for £9.99 and I always get comments on it. Love it when you get cheap finds.

So then, my lovely irish grandad sent me a little treat yesterday for getting good A - Levels. I wasn't expecting anything, but I woke up in the morning, opened my post and there was a check for £200.
I was flabbergasted. So i've decided to treat myself to a new camera. I would really want to get a DSLR camera, but their so expensive, and I would be to nervous about breaking it all the time, so I think i'm going to get the FUJIFILM FinePix S1600 Digital Camera. It's in curry's for £149 and it's got really good reviews and loads of features.
I think it's a buy, and that means better quality pictures for your viewing.
Always wanting to meet your expectations.
No work till thursday lovely's. So posts posts posts hopefully.

Cardigan : New look, £22.00
Top : Urban Outfitters sale, £9.99
Leggings : H&M, £5.99
Headband : Accessorize, £3.99

Friday, 20 August 2010

A - Level Results Night.

Okie Dokie, so I did promise to do a post on the dress that I bought for my A-Level results night out so here it is. It's slightly more sophisticated than what I usually go for. I thought the colour was really unusual, not something you see alot, but I tried it on along with 10 other dresses and thought that this dress was a perfect fit for my body.
I'm a curvy girl you see. Curvy up top, big hips, and curvy legs. Curvy is kind of an all around theme with me. I don't mind it, I quite like it really, I would describe my body as being very feminine. Obviously I have my dark days, where I feel fat, or if I go out with a group of really skinny girls, which most of my best friends are, then I can sometimes feel a little self concious but as a whole I try to not let it get me down.
This dress, pulls me in, in all the right places. And I love the draping.
Got a bit experimental with my hair as well, I had an idea in my and this is how it came out in real life. I quite like it, a little unusual, but in a good way I hope, I got a few compliments on it. I've always been quite good with hair, it's like my boredom antidote, I just mess around when I have nothing else to do, and well you know what they say, practise makes perfect. Now all my friends have me doing their hair.

I'm working again this weekend, tonight, tomorrow night and sunday day. So I probably won't have the time to post anything over the next few days, so expect something on monday, don't get me wrong if I get a free second then I will see if I can squeeze a little post in.
Leave me any thoughts.
Or if you want to ask me anything go ahead, i'm always up for a chat.

Dress : Topshop, £40.00
Nail Varnish : Models Own, £4.99

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lincoln Here I Come.

People I can now proudly say that I did it, I passed all my A Level exams and got into The University Of Lincoln. I'm so excited. Woke up this morning feel extremely sick and had butterfly's whirling around in my stomach. Not a good feeling, and then had to wait outside my college in a huge queue for 45 minutes until I could go and get them. My nerves had never been so on fire.
I needed 3 C's to get in and a got B, C, C.
I was extremely proud of this as I thought that my exams went terribly and was expecting a D in there somewhere, but no, all is well.
Just need to get myself sorted now, such a big change coming up. It's going to be a rollercoaster.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A Thing Of Luxury.

I've been a naughty blogger and didn't follow my every other day posting rule. I'm so sorry you'll have to forgive me. I went out with my group of girl friends last night for some special catch up and gossip sharing. It was so nice to see them all, it's been a while as we've all been going on holiday and different times. I'm not going to lie, we had a few too many cocktails, we got them all free as we went to the club that I work at.
Today I went to a vintage and antique in Failsworth called The Cavern, its was superb, I loved rummaging through all the old bits and bobs. Whilst I was there I spotted this delight of a coat in one of the little vintage clothing sections. I fell in love with it and for only £25 I couldn't say no. So I bought it. Very happy. Fur coats always make me feel so glamourous, their a thing of luxury.

Ok so tomorrow is the big day. A Level Results day. I'm absolutely dreading it. Don't have a clue how i've done, if I had to guess i'd say i'll be an utter mess in the morning, meeting the girls at 10 and then it's moment of truth. You'll all have to keep your fingers crossed for me.
I'm going out tomorrow, to either celebrate or drown my sorrows. So I treated myself to a new outfit. I got a lovely dress from topshop and these clogs from newlook. I fell in love with both of them, i'll make sure I do a post on my dress so you can all see it.
What do you think of my newbies ?
Let me know. It's always great to here from you all.

Fur Coat : Cavern Antiques, £25
Leggings : H&M, £5.99
Top : Newlook sale, £9.99
Clogs : Newlook, £20

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Pops like a popsicle.

I love this dress. Really love it. When i first bought it, I got home tried it on and was totally devastated to find that it was slightly tight across the belly. Tramoured and with my hatred for exchanging clothes I promised myself that before the month was out it would be the perfect fit for me. And here we have it, I was so pleased when I tried it on today. Put me in a really good mood.
I'm not even planning on doing anything today, i'm having a perfectly lazy day, recovering from my 11 hour shift at work last night, but I put this dress on and it made me feel lovely. But I suppose every girl gets that feeling when they put on something and it's looser than it was last time we wore it. I'm not complaining. I love the colours in this dress, it kinda pops even though it's prodominantly white and black the strikes of colour in the leaves just makes it stand out. I think thats why I like it. I've never really been one for block colours. I prefer patterns, florals, tribal, all sorts really.
I have a confession. This dress is slightly longer than this. Infact it come just below my knees. But I think that length is totally wrong, it's possibly my fault seeming that i'm totally tiny 5ft 1. So I did a little DIY and turned it up, can you tell? I think I did a fairly good job.

Dress : H&M, £9.99
Belt : Newlook, came with a pair of shorts.
Cardigan : River Island, £35.00
Brogues : Primark, £8.00

Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Pirates Life for Me.

News flash. This is a photo of Becca in trousers, yes I repeat in trousers.
I will happily admit that trousers for me are like a once in a blue moon thing, unless i'm in work wear the jeans are whipped out. This though is actually one of my favourite outfits of the moment. It's super comfy. My mum likes to tease me saying that it reminds her of some kind of modern pirate. I know, I don't have a clue what she's talking about either, she's slightly crazy, but I love her to bits, she's become my little photo overseer of my blog, giving all her severe opinions on what photo's should and shouldn't be uploaded.
But besides that, back to the point. I took the photos for this outfit and then realised that I hadn't got one of the shoe boots that i'm wearing. I was devastated as in my opinion the boot's are what makes the outfit, they're so cute, urban outfitters I got them in the sale, for £19.99.
Don't worry i'll make sure that I include them in a future post because they really are some of my favourites.
I'm working again tonight, but i'm still on form guys, making sure I squeeze in time for two post's today. I didn't want this blog to be outfit post after outfit post after outfit post, so i'm gonna be thinking of some different things that I can do on it. I don't want it to become boring for you lovely people.
If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions of anything you would like me to cover just let me know, i'm totally open for any thoughts, and it's always lovely to hear from you.

Trousers : Primark, £5
Belt : Newlook, came with a pair of shorts.
Blouse : H&M, £14.99
Cardigan : Urban Outfitters, sale £9.99

In the Name of the Brogue.

Ok so i'm a perfectly average size 5 (38) when it comes to footwear. Does anyone else think that being a size 5 is the most annoying thing in the world. You walk into your favourite shoe store and you see a pair of shoes that are just to die for, you ask the shop assistant if they have any in a size 5, he goes to check, then returns with a apologetic look on his face "i'm so sorry but we only have these left in sizes 3,4,6,7 and 8." Arghhhhh I hate being the same shoe size as the majority of other british females.
Sorry rant over, I'm a little obsessed with brogues. Not only do I find them to be the height of comfort but they look great as well, a perfect substitute for the totally ordinary dolly shoe or overly casual pump. I love these brogues that I found in Primark, yes Primarni people, for a meer £8. Very impressed, so much infact that I bought them in two colours as you can see, the nude pink and the slate grey. Can't decide which I prefer. Any thoughts?
True they may not be the best quality, but I still think it's a bargain and a half.

Brogues : Primark, £8.00

Friday, 13 August 2010

A Shroud of Lace.

Outrageously short I know. Felt slightly exposed when wearing this lovely little smock that I picked up in the Miss Selfridge sale. The detail is lovely, it's hard to pick up on the photo's but the lace is so detailed and intricate. I just fell in love with it. Not to sure what I would wear it with though. It's quite simplistic as a whole, so I think teaming it with let's say black leggings or tights may be a little to heavy for it. I'll have to experiment and let you know what I come up with. I think the back is my favourite bit. I love it. So cute.
I'm dreading this weekend, it's going to be awful none stop work. I'm currently employed at a bar. Norwegian Blue, a night club in Manchester, Printworks. Last night I worked 7pm - 1am, tonight i'm working 8pm - 3am and tomorrow i'm working a shocking, killer 4pm - 3am shift, not looking forward to that one i'm telling you. But if any of you lovely people are ever in Manchester, pop in and see me, ask anyone where the printworks is, all us mancs know it.
Oh I thought I would give you a little snippit of my nail varnish obsession, these are just a few of them, my favourites. Only recently I was really strict on myself and had a major sought out of all my polishes, got rid of loads, it broke my heart but it had to be done.
Does anyone have any thoughts on the whole Barry M v's Models Own, personally I would have to say that i'm a Models Own girl, even though I do love Barry M I always find their polishes to be far to runny, you need to do about 3 coats. In all honesty i'm far to lazy for that.

Dress : Miss Selfridge, sale £15.00
Nail Polishes : Boots

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Lay in a Field of Poppies.

Today has been slightly hectic. First of all I was dragged out of bed to go shopping with my auntie and cousin who let's just say i'm not exactly the biggest fan of. Silver lining to everything though hey, I ended up getting this lovely poppy dress as well as two new pairs of brogues. One in a nude pink shade and the other in a slate grey, I already have one pair of brogues in cream that I wear constantly, so much so that their becoming a little worn, I just can't bring myself to throw them away.
Another thing, i'm having man troubles, nothing to dramatic, i'm not going to bore you with the details, but I really do not know where my head is with the whole relationship thing. I'm single. But have found myself in a ' it's complicated ' situation. Moving away to university in less than a month has made my willingness to commit a tiny bit iffy.
Anyway back to the outfit post, as yesterday was slightly dark and casual, I thought lets do a pretty dress day. I absolutely love this fabric, I think it's really beautiful and vibrant. What do you think?
Let me know and thoughts.
Off to a staff meeting at work now, eurghhh. Not good. Atleast I get to show off my tan from Skiathos to all my work chums. Today has just been far too busy for my liking, I want a lazy day.

Dress : Miss Selfridge, sale £17.00