Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Artist In The Sky.

Look what I have for you today ... A proper outfit shot, yay, I finally made time.
To be honest it's not exactly the most exciting outfit, I just chucked this on for a quick run into town when I had to go to the bank, the sun was shining, so I thought little tee and skirt combo, you can't really go wrong, although this skirt did keep blowing up terribly due to the wind, I had to be careful to keep my dignity for some of the trip.
I love the shoes that i'm wearing in this post, their just the simplist pair of little loafers ever and their only from primark, but their just so easy to wear and go with absolutely anything.
For only £10 who can possibly complain.

I've been a busy little bee today, finally finished all of my essays that need to be done for university, all I have to do now is my performance and then i'll be all done for summer, cannot wait i'm telling you. Unfortunately due to my extreme lack of money at the moment I can't afford to go on holiday anywhere, other than obvious trips down to Wales to visit Pete, so it'll be a summer of enjoying what sun I have here in England and filling my time with fashion, crafts, exercise and salads, fruits etc.

Ooooo I do have my cousins wedding to look forward to, I got my invitation for it today, so I need so seriously start planning, outfit, hair, makeup, all of those girly things that need serious planning.

Hope everyones had a lovely Saturday and enjoy the rest of your weekend, including Bank holiday ... Again!

Top : Topshop, £10
Skirt : H&M, £6.99
Belt : Newlook
Shoes : Primark, £10

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Strawberry Shoe Laces.

I've been so so super busy this past couple of weeks.
I've had like a million essays to do, and my mum and dad are moving house so i've been helping them with all the packing, as well as me moving back to manchester for the summer. Crazy times my lovely.
Do you know what tv show i've guiltily being additively watching ... The Only Way Is Essex ... I know it really is utter trash tv, but it's just so bad it makes it great, I just love to watch the people in it and have a good old laugh at them.

So we're in serious need of a catch up, I feel like a need to refresh myself on the blogosphere. Catch up with everyone. I've been slacking, i'm very sorry for it.
Hopefully i'll be back on the ball soon ready for the summer months.

Fill me in lovely's !

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Dream Boat. 05.

I've been a very bad blogger over this past week, so you all have my eternal apologies.
I have been mad busy.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Tattoo No.3 Please.

I doodled this before and fell totally in love with it.
Tattoo number 3 I think so... !

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Find Me In The Secret Garden.

Isn't anybody else so happy about the glorious weather that is currently showering the majority of England in endless sunshine, i'm loving it. Sorry that I haven't been blogging that much this week, it's just i've been ridiculously busy with my uni work as well as Petes. All of you that read my last post will know about my "3 key tasks of the week" things designed to get me out of my comfort zone. Any way i've already accomplished two of them, I went up the insanely steep hill on Friday, this was where this posts photo's were taken, in the little secret garden next to the cathedral, it's so so pretty up there. Also started filming Pete's film on Friday, as well as today.
And i've officially not had chocolate for 4 days. Thumbs up eh !

I don't know why I don't go out on adventures like these more, I absolutely love them, and end up having such a lovely day, even though it's slightly killer on my poor little feet. I live in Lincoln for most of the year, if not in manchester and it's such a lovely little pretty place to live, there's so many nice places to explore and to be honest most of the time i'm just to lazy to get up off my bottom, this is going to change though, i'll have you know.
I think we were just walking around exploring from 11 am to around 5 pm, we went in all the little boutiques, Pete bought me my B scrabble ring that i've wanted for so long now. We looked around the cathedral, it has to be the most beautiful building in England, then found the secret garden, exceptionally cute. I wanted a picnic but I hadn't prepared. Oh well.

I also found millions of lovely poppies up there, I always forget how much a love poppies but when I found them looking this perfect, I just get the biggest urge to just pick them all and take them home, unfortunately they don't let you. Sad times.
So girls it's time to break out the summer clothes. Being the silly idiot that I am, I've already packed most of my vest tops away to take home, so i've been left scrounging together any possible summer ensemble that I can create. As soon as i'm back in Manchester I aim to have a thorough sort out of all my clothes, you never know might decide to have a bit of a sale on here, who knows.
Anyway I hope everyones been having a lovely weekend in the sunshine, make sure you all be safe and sun cream up (sounding like my mum here) also being quite hypocritical as I don't even think I have a bottle of sun cream in my flat. What's a girl to do eh.

Remember girlies I'm now on bloglovin.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sun Sun Sun.

It's been a funny day today, the morning was just mentally hectic with rehearsals in the studio. And then the afternoon was lovely and relaxing, literally just sat on my bottom, texting my lovely mum and spending so good old time on bloglovin, catching up with all the faves.

Do you know, I really don't have much to say today, i've just been super busy with all things drama, that this week it's dominated my life, so I have nothing interesting to say, that's not good is it. I will say that i've been continuing with my healthy eating and it's all going well. I've set myself little goals/tasks that I have to stick to in the week, it sounds silly I know but I think it'll help. Their not specifically weight related but their to get me out of my comfort zone, apparently it all helps.

1. Don't eat chocolate for 10 days (it'll take me to when my dad comes down to visit)
2. Be the lead actress in Petes film. (I really didn't want to do it.)
3. Go up the ridiculously steep hill that I live near (honestly it's suicide)

So I have to stick to these and do them in a week.
Wish me luck.
I'll let you know how it's going.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Love, Love, Me Do.

It's diet time girly's, well not one of those (not allowed to eat anything that's even slightly treat worthy) diet's but one of those, ok, it's time to get healthy girl. I've always ate quite healthily, i'm huge on my vegetables, anything carrots, peas, greenbeans, mushrooms, parsnips, sweet potatoes ... I love. But i'm also a chocolate addict, and I have a serious weakness for DR Pepper :|
So yeah, i'm officially being good. I've also made the decision that when I get back home to Manchester where I'm spending my summer i'm gonna buy myself an exercise bike ... yeah i'm commited this time. It's not like one of those new year resolutions that are forgotten after two days.

I've been reading up on my new favourite blogs these last couple of days, i've never really been one of those bloggers that tracks down the most successful blogs and becomes obsessed, but I recently started following Style Scrapbook, by Andy, which I love, her style is amazing, also only this morning, I tracked down the blog afterDRK, by Sabrina. Not a crazy stalker or anything, but i've managed to read the whole of Sabrina's blog from start to present this evening.
No, i'm not sad or anything, but Pete's gone out to watch his friend's band play and i'm trying to stay away from the kitchen (sad I know) I have one of those relationships with food, that if i'm bored, the first thing i'll do is go and get a snack, so i'm officially busying myself, with my lovely blogging community. Quite enjoying it to be honest.
Don't forget, if you want to know any of my other favourite blogs just go to my Blog Love page in the tabs, their all listed and linked there !

Oooooo forgot to say, i've just finally joined bloglovin .... so please please please follow me. I'll link below. Thankyou lovely's.
Faint Hearted Sparrow - Bloglovin

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday Stunners ... Week9.

Emma Watson ♥

Harry Potter geek alert, I'm sorry but I have to take this opportunity to declare how excited I am about the new Harry Potter film, amazing amazing amazing ... I'm ridiculously excited about it.
But yeah ... Geekyness over !

When Emma Watson first came on the scene I wasn't that big of a fan of her, to be perfectly honest I found her quite irritating and snobby. But what a difference a few years makes. I absolutely love her style, when I think of Emma Watson I think of that amazing gold embellished Gucci dress and of course every boho's dream the Ossie Clark vintage dress that she wore to the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. My dream dress by the way !
Overall I think she's just lovely really.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Yes Please ... Topshop

Mocassins, Scallop Hem Shorts, Pink Bow Headband, Lover Jumper, Navy Blouse, Denim Playsuit, Double Brested Button Blazer

I am currently in an extreme shortage of cash moment, it's horrible, I keep walking past topshop and looking at all the glorious clothes that I pass by.. makes me sad even thinking about it.
Anyhow, I got bored this evening so decided to seriously tease myself, by browsing the Topshop website, and creating my list of "yes please's" It was quite a big list so I found it quite difficult cutting it down to such a small amount.
I'm absolutely loving the floral shorts here, i'm in love with them, would do anything for them, and i'm sooooo poor !
Damn this bloody life as a student.

Hows everyone been this week then?
I've been super busy with loads of uni stuff, as you all probably know, i'm directing a play at the moment, so it's work work work and like a million rehearsals, been good fun though.
I'm also currently addicted to The Vampire Diaries, I know it came out like ages ago, but i'm not a huge watcher of tv, and I just never really got into the craze of it, but watched one episode online the other week and now I can't stop watching it.
Guilty habit what can I say.