Tuesday, 11 January 2011

B is for Bling.

Right I know i'm always waffling on about how amazing my accessories/bags/rings/scarfs and so on collections are, but a very rarely post any photos of them.
The extremely important thing to remember is that at the moment I am currently home for christmas so I only a a small amount of things to take photos of, because I left most of my jewellery back at mine and Petes flat in Lincoln.
So yeah.
Heres just a quick look at a few of the accessories that I bought back with my.
The B that is in the top picture was a present off my mum for christmas, it's from Urban Outfitters and i've wanted one for ages. But yeah I thought it would make the most perfect earing holder. I just love it. Makes everything look oh so pretty !
This bag is new as well. I love the kind off vintage satchel look that it has about it, but the colour is just devine and it's only from H&M as you might have guessed when I saw it I just couldn't say no.

Most of my necklaces are from Accessorize. And my rings are usually from either Tophop or Accessorize again. If there is a particular piece that you want to know where I got it from necklace/earing/bracelet, then just ask me either in the comments below. Or any questions in general then I have my formspring box in the right sidebar.
Enjoy the Sparkles.


  1. nice little collection you have! i wanted one of those letters for ages, but never thought to put jewellery on them, such a good idea! x

  2. Cute post. Love the letter, and great idea with the jewellery. That bag is lush! Very jealous of your collection :) x

  3. oh i love the bag from h&m.
    i think, i need this for spring-outfits.

  4. i have a huge letter thing too! mine is lined and i just mine to pin earrings on too:) your jewellery collection is fab xx

  5. Oh I love your necklaces and rings. You may have also tempted me to buy an M for myself :)



  6. I may get one of those letters for myself now! Brilliant idea! .. Oh wow! I absolutely love jewellery, I haven't got as many nice things as those though! New follower :)