Friday, 25 March 2011

I'm Never As Good As When Your There.

So the other day I told you that I did a little photoshoot for my boyf's friend, he sent me these photos so I thought i'd share them with you. I really like this top photo, the self concious part of me is never that taken with full length photographs. Theres always something in them that I don't like ... but hey ho, i'll get over it.
This is probably my dress of the moment, I'm not going to lie, i've worn it several times now, but it's so comfy and easy whilst still looking totally adorable. All my favourite aspects that I look for in clothes.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday, I'm not in uni on a thursday and an old friend that I used to work with was in Lincoln so we met up and had a good old chat.
I spent the afternoon, trolling around the food market for veg and strawberry's I know don't I sound like the proper little house wife, reason being I had some friends round for tea, stir fry. Alot of veg was needed !
Also went to the book shop, found this little gem of a book called The Style Diaries, a book especially for and about fashion bloggers, it's a lovely little book, got some plays for my drama course as well. Then headed to starbucks, and made my way home, caramel creme frappachino in hand.

Peeps, it's my birthday tomorrow.
I will officially be celebrating my last year as a teenager.
The big 19.
Exciting stuff eh!


  1. Lovely photos.

  2. thank you ! ;* You are sooooo pretty too ;)!

  3. me too! they are beautiful ! *-*

  4. I've got the same book ;) HAPPY B, honey!!

  5. you have beautiful face :), so pretty girl!
    I follow you
    and Happy B-day