Thursday, 10 March 2011

That Heart You Caught Must Be Waiting For You.

I would just like to cast attention to my blogs recent refurbishment. And I am so so so PROUD of it. Look people, we have tabs, Yes tabs ! If someone would have asked me last year to make a website and put fully customised tabs onto it, I would have probably asked them what a tab was. But I did this all on my own.
My own hand made graphic, I love my little sparrow with it's pretty pink bow. My own tabs, which are all linked accordingly, with added contents and further links. So please please if you have any time on your hands go and have a little exploration.
I really am just incredibly proud of my little self, you have no idea.

Due to my business with the whole revamp thing, I do have to admit, I didn't wear this outfit today and it's abit of an oldie, but I still love the top. Ooooo and i've finally had my hair done. I've gone for the whole side bangs. There is actually a photo of it on the about me tab. It's the four webcam ones at the bottom. So take a look and let me know what you think, I like it.

As for the post song, it's a bit of good old Adele. I've become addicted to her new album especially this song that I chose for the post. It's amazing, and i'm not even that bigger fan of Adele. Any way you should give it a listen.

So I guess I'll leave you to explore the new Faint Hearted Sparrow. Enjoy lovely's.

Post Song : Set Fire To The Rain, Adele


  1. Looks so cute, well done! Its hard to get everything how you like it so it is definately an achievement!

    M - Even Artichokes Have Hearts ♥

  2. Aww well done on the layout, it looks amazing. Love your new hair too!

  3. Lovely layout you did here. :)