Sunday, 10 April 2011

Find Me In The Secret Garden.

Isn't anybody else so happy about the glorious weather that is currently showering the majority of England in endless sunshine, i'm loving it. Sorry that I haven't been blogging that much this week, it's just i've been ridiculously busy with my uni work as well as Petes. All of you that read my last post will know about my "3 key tasks of the week" things designed to get me out of my comfort zone. Any way i've already accomplished two of them, I went up the insanely steep hill on Friday, this was where this posts photo's were taken, in the little secret garden next to the cathedral, it's so so pretty up there. Also started filming Pete's film on Friday, as well as today.
And i've officially not had chocolate for 4 days. Thumbs up eh !

I don't know why I don't go out on adventures like these more, I absolutely love them, and end up having such a lovely day, even though it's slightly killer on my poor little feet. I live in Lincoln for most of the year, if not in manchester and it's such a lovely little pretty place to live, there's so many nice places to explore and to be honest most of the time i'm just to lazy to get up off my bottom, this is going to change though, i'll have you know.
I think we were just walking around exploring from 11 am to around 5 pm, we went in all the little boutiques, Pete bought me my B scrabble ring that i've wanted for so long now. We looked around the cathedral, it has to be the most beautiful building in England, then found the secret garden, exceptionally cute. I wanted a picnic but I hadn't prepared. Oh well.

I also found millions of lovely poppies up there, I always forget how much a love poppies but when I found them looking this perfect, I just get the biggest urge to just pick them all and take them home, unfortunately they don't let you. Sad times.
So girls it's time to break out the summer clothes. Being the silly idiot that I am, I've already packed most of my vest tops away to take home, so i've been left scrounging together any possible summer ensemble that I can create. As soon as i'm back in Manchester I aim to have a thorough sort out of all my clothes, you never know might decide to have a bit of a sale on here, who knows.
Anyway I hope everyones been having a lovely weekend in the sunshine, make sure you all be safe and sun cream up (sounding like my mum here) also being quite hypocritical as I don't even think I have a bottle of sun cream in my flat. What's a girl to do eh.

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  1. you look darling in these pics, the lighting is brilliant. Wishing you more great weather!

  2. Pretty pictures! That place looks wonderful!

  3. lovely pics. love the bag. cute blog.

  4. Great blog honey! Check mine too, it´s very recent, tell what you think?

  5. great pics, i love that bag


  6. You look amazing! Great photos.
    Loving the bag, you have a beautiful sense of style :)

  7. gelincik aşkına ..
    hımm çantana bayıldım :)

    Türkiye / Esra