Monday, 4 April 2011

Love, Love, Me Do.

It's diet time girly's, well not one of those (not allowed to eat anything that's even slightly treat worthy) diet's but one of those, ok, it's time to get healthy girl. I've always ate quite healthily, i'm huge on my vegetables, anything carrots, peas, greenbeans, mushrooms, parsnips, sweet potatoes ... I love. But i'm also a chocolate addict, and I have a serious weakness for DR Pepper :|
So yeah, i'm officially being good. I've also made the decision that when I get back home to Manchester where I'm spending my summer i'm gonna buy myself an exercise bike ... yeah i'm commited this time. It's not like one of those new year resolutions that are forgotten after two days.

I've been reading up on my new favourite blogs these last couple of days, i've never really been one of those bloggers that tracks down the most successful blogs and becomes obsessed, but I recently started following Style Scrapbook, by Andy, which I love, her style is amazing, also only this morning, I tracked down the blog afterDRK, by Sabrina. Not a crazy stalker or anything, but i've managed to read the whole of Sabrina's blog from start to present this evening.
No, i'm not sad or anything, but Pete's gone out to watch his friend's band play and i'm trying to stay away from the kitchen (sad I know) I have one of those relationships with food, that if i'm bored, the first thing i'll do is go and get a snack, so i'm officially busying myself, with my lovely blogging community. Quite enjoying it to be honest.
Don't forget, if you want to know any of my other favourite blogs just go to my Blog Love page in the tabs, their all listed and linked there !

Oooooo forgot to say, i've just finally joined bloglovin .... so please please please follow me. I'll link below. Thankyou lovely's.
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  1. Awh, you look so cute on those pictures, hahaa :) And how funny is that! I decided to quit messing around with food as well, and soon I'm planning to get myself a subscription in some kind of fitness center, just to become healthy again :D Also, I'm following you on bloglovin ;)


  2. Hehe I love those pictures :)

    I'm like that toooo! All I do is eat when I'm bored, so thats why im knuckling down now, it hasss to happen :) xxxx

  3. good luck with the healthy eating plan! cute pics xx

  4. I'm a grazer when I'm bored too. I try to have a bag of cut raw veggies to nibble on & a couple of healthy dips, but sometimes all I want is crisps and ice cream (not together of course)