Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fortune Favours the Bold.

If I did one more post apologising for my lack of commitment to my blog then I think you might all wish me a virtual slap in the face. I'm flaky and I get bored easily, I also lost motivation and inspiration,  do know that I am sorry though.
Howeverrrrrrr. On a more positive note, Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of the year, for both the festivities and the fashion. As many of my long term followers will know, I love to dress, comfy and cosy  with lots and lots of snuggly layers and scarf's. I am also obsessed with bold lipsticks; reds, oranges, purples. I'm never fully sure about how they look on me though, purely due to how pale I am. Doesn't stop me though to be fair.

On a more personal note, third year uni is destroying me. And dissertations are now my sworn enemy. I'm doing my dissertation on the philosophy of existentialism on stage in the theatre. Why did I pick this? Please tell me.
I'm also in a new house this year at uni, got the master bedroom of course and have made it into a Parisian themed delight. Candles and fairy lights everywhere, fire hazard! I would divulge all the gossip of the previous few months however, there really isn't much to tell. Hope you're all well, feel free to fill me in on what you've all been up to.

What's your favourite thing about this time of the year?
I can't wait for all the christmas markets to arrive. Exciting.

Signing off. For today that is.

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