Monday, 23 August 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody.

I have never been so tired in my whole life. For real. Work has been no stop this weekend, and then my parents came in with my cousins to surprise me and get free drinks, not that I blame them.
So today is my official lazy day. I'm going to sit in my comfy arm chair, blogging and researching random things.

I love this outfit so much, just because it's so relaxing and makes me feel all warm and snuggly without looking like a complete scruff.
My mum likes to tease me whenever I wear this cardigan, I quote, "awwww she's got granny cardigan out again" But oh well i'm being grannyish and proud, Is grannyish even a word?
I never usually wear hair pieces or headbands, purely out of the fact that i'm too lazy to do anything to my hair, I put it into a single braid every night before bed, then take it out in the morning and ruffle it and ta dahh, that's all I ever do. Unless i'm going out, then I make a bit more of an effort.
This top was a complete bargain, in the Urban Outfitters sale for £9.99 and I always get comments on it. Love it when you get cheap finds.

So then, my lovely irish grandad sent me a little treat yesterday for getting good A - Levels. I wasn't expecting anything, but I woke up in the morning, opened my post and there was a check for £200.
I was flabbergasted. So i've decided to treat myself to a new camera. I would really want to get a DSLR camera, but their so expensive, and I would be to nervous about breaking it all the time, so I think i'm going to get the FUJIFILM FinePix S1600 Digital Camera. It's in curry's for £149 and it's got really good reviews and loads of features.
I think it's a buy, and that means better quality pictures for your viewing.
Always wanting to meet your expectations.
No work till thursday lovely's. So posts posts posts hopefully.

Cardigan : New look, £22.00
Top : Urban Outfitters sale, £9.99
Leggings : H&M, £5.99
Headband : Accessorize, £3.99


  1. love everything! the headband really suits you! I never do anything to my hair either lol I'm way too lazy and it's so thick so it takes ages.

  2. My hair is so thick, can be so hard work sometimes :D x

  3. Hi Becca, thanks for your visit! Cute blog you have here!

  4. Great...Love it

  5. I love your whole outfit - wish i could pull something like this off :)

  6. Really like your top and hippy vibe :) I also have that cardigan and practically live in it! So comfy and love its length and the crochet pattern

    Robyn x