Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Just a Little Spontaneous.

I got my new camera !!!
Very very happy with it, that's it in the bottom photo below.
It came to £207 all together, because I bought a memory card, case and insurance to go with it.
I did a quick bit of shopping in H&M whilst I was in Manchester as well.
Spent £35 and got two skirts, two tops and a dress. Pretty good eh. It was all comfy basics, oversized t's and so on, but I wanted to buy things to relax in.
And i'm trying to stock up my wardrobe for University.

I just wanted to take this time to say thankyou to all my followers and visiters that comment.
It's only been two weeks today since I started my blog and I already have 30 followers and lots of comments, it makes me so happy when you all share your thoughts and opinions with me. I absolutely love talking with you all, it's my favourite thing about blogging.
Hopefully i'll keep up the good posts for you all.
You really don't know how much I appreciate your support.
Thankyou my lovely followers.


  1. Wow only 2 weeks blogging you've done so well! Congratulations and I hope it keeps going so well for you :) The camera looks awesome as does your outfit :)

    Robyn x

  2. Thankyou hun. Love the headband in your profile pic by the way, you look lovely.


  3. Love that outfit - I'm definitely a fan of polka dots :)

    Good ol' H&M - can't go wrong!

    Lucky girl with your new camera - looks great.


  4. I love your outfit, so cute. ♥

  5. Great...Love it

  6. haha good idea stocking up the wardrobe before uni - once you get your loan im sure youll have a big spree but then eventually you realise you cant shop anymore! well not if you want to eat anyway hah. x

  7. Ohhh looks awesome, can't wait to see the pictures it takes :)
    Love your blog, very cute!

  8. i have a thangg for polka dots haha!:),i have this top but in short sleeve version,the pink skirt adds a beautiful pop of colour:)xx