Friday, 27 August 2010

Listen to the Rhythm.

I'm moving on in the blogging world. I didn't want you all to get bored with outfit post after outfit post so I decided to try putting the odd bits and bobs of something else up. Everyone of my friends say that I tend to like really weird music, I mainly love old 60's - 70's soft rock. But in modern terms I tend to go for quite alternative, little independant bands and singers.
One of the more mainstream bands that I absolutely love, is Zooey Deschanel's She and Him. I think her voice is so unique.
Oooooo and pulling in some of my fashion theme, I think her style is to die for. I always think she looks quite 50's inspired. Very feminine, she's always in little dolly dresses, which I adore, the fabrics and prints she goes for are just to die for.
Also a huge fan of 500 Days Of Summer, but how many times have you heard that said on a blog. I'm not following the crowd, I just love it. Sorry.

I'm still ill peeps, but i'm now on antibiotics and steroids to reduce swelling, so if I start suddenly looking slightly macho you know why, steroids, not a good thing for little blonde fashion bloggers.
Went to work last night, and could not hear one thing, literally, as I work in a nightclub, loud music and being deaf in one ear do not lead to being able to work sufficiently. As well as this the loud music just made my ear hurt even more, so today I phoned in sick, and plan to do the same thing tomorrow. I usually hate phoning in sick, worrying about getting sacked, but I leave for uni in a few weeks so i've not got anything to loose. I still feel a little guilty though.

I've enter a online competition to star in a shoot for LOOK magazine, I had to do a boho inspired photo and upload it, just waiting for it to be checked and put on the gallery now, then i'll do a post of my entry and you can see what you think. Hopefully won't take long.

Hope you enjoy the music video.
I'll post again tomorrow.

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