Friday, 27 August 2010

Okie Dokie Lovely's.

My lovely lovely followers. Second post of the day, I'm on the ball eh.
Anyway back to the point.
I officially need your help. As I informed you on the post before this one, i've entered an online competition. It involved taking a photograph of yourself done up in a bohemian style and posting it onto an online gallery and having viewers vote for you. The prize, a photo shoot with LOOK magazine, and a bag of collection 2000 makeup goodies. It would be an amazing thing to win, and would be excellent advertisment for the blog.
You have no idea how much I would appreciate some of your votes. The photographs above are the look that I made for it. I used the first photograph for the style. Please please please vote for me.
Oh I forgot to mention, if you vote you also have a chance to win one of thirty Collection 2000 makeup goody bags. It's a new line, and i've been hearing nothing but good things about it.

You can vote at the Gallery on Camera Ready Style.
Last time I checked I was on the second page, but I may have moved so please take the time to flick through. It means alot to me.
What do you think of the photos. In my vintage coat, I think the hair is quite boho as well.
Hope you like.


  1. Best of luck for the competition :)

    Love your look - your hair looks gorgeous!

  2. cute look hope it goes well for you :)

  3. pretty daisy, fur and pink lips!

  4. you look great good luck

  5. cute daisy! lovin the look and your blog! im your newest follower! good luck girl!

    make sure to check out my wildfox giveaway @

  6. precious picture! love your hair :)