Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Pirates Life for Me.

News flash. This is a photo of Becca in trousers, yes I repeat in trousers.
I will happily admit that trousers for me are like a once in a blue moon thing, unless i'm in work wear the jeans are whipped out. This though is actually one of my favourite outfits of the moment. It's super comfy. My mum likes to tease me saying that it reminds her of some kind of modern pirate. I know, I don't have a clue what she's talking about either, she's slightly crazy, but I love her to bits, she's become my little photo overseer of my blog, giving all her severe opinions on what photo's should and shouldn't be uploaded.
But besides that, back to the point. I took the photos for this outfit and then realised that I hadn't got one of the shoe boots that i'm wearing. I was devastated as in my opinion the boot's are what makes the outfit, they're so cute, urban outfitters I got them in the sale, for £19.99.
Don't worry i'll make sure that I include them in a future post because they really are some of my favourites.
I'm working again tonight, but i'm still on form guys, making sure I squeeze in time for two post's today. I didn't want this blog to be outfit post after outfit post after outfit post, so i'm gonna be thinking of some different things that I can do on it. I don't want it to become boring for you lovely people.
If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions of anything you would like me to cover just let me know, i'm totally open for any thoughts, and it's always lovely to hear from you.

Trousers : Primark, £5
Belt : Newlook, came with a pair of shorts.
Blouse : H&M, £14.99
Cardigan : Urban Outfitters, sale £9.99


  1. Those are extremely nice trousers and very cheaps as well! I very rarely wear trousers and my jeans are also currently being mended... time to whip out the legs haha. Also, I am very much enjoying the outfit posts so far x

  2. I am not a big fan on trousers on myself either I never feel quite right but these look awesome on you xoxo

  3. I think this outfit looks great on you :)

    I've just come across your blog & am rather liking it, so going to follow you..

  4. Beautiful & lovely pics.

    Stunning blog and I love to follow you now via google. It would make me very happy if you like to follow me, too.


  5. Thankyou so much, for all your lovely comments. I'm really happy that you all like what i've been coming up with so far. I'll try to keep impressing you :D xxx

  6. I love this outfit, especially the colour of your cardigan - it really suits you. You have a new follower =) Maybe take a look at my blog and follow back?

    Love Nicky