Sunday, 15 August 2010

Pops like a popsicle.

I love this dress. Really love it. When i first bought it, I got home tried it on and was totally devastated to find that it was slightly tight across the belly. Tramoured and with my hatred for exchanging clothes I promised myself that before the month was out it would be the perfect fit for me. And here we have it, I was so pleased when I tried it on today. Put me in a really good mood.
I'm not even planning on doing anything today, i'm having a perfectly lazy day, recovering from my 11 hour shift at work last night, but I put this dress on and it made me feel lovely. But I suppose every girl gets that feeling when they put on something and it's looser than it was last time we wore it. I'm not complaining. I love the colours in this dress, it kinda pops even though it's prodominantly white and black the strikes of colour in the leaves just makes it stand out. I think thats why I like it. I've never really been one for block colours. I prefer patterns, florals, tribal, all sorts really.
I have a confession. This dress is slightly longer than this. Infact it come just below my knees. But I think that length is totally wrong, it's possibly my fault seeming that i'm totally tiny 5ft 1. So I did a little DIY and turned it up, can you tell? I think I did a fairly good job.

Dress : H&M, £9.99
Belt : Newlook, came with a pair of shorts.
Cardigan : River Island, £35.00
Brogues : Primark, £8.00


  1. I am loving those brouge shoes!

    Adèle - moltocuriosa

  2. super cute blog and i love those brogues the colour is great for autumn. xx

  3. just stumbled upon your's darling. happy to find you, hope you stop by and say hello!


  4. soo cute..i would love it if u could follow me
    p.s im a new follower !!

  5. dear lord i am SO jealous of your hair :) this dress is cute.. the colours really suit you :) xxx