Friday, 13 August 2010

A Shroud of Lace.

Outrageously short I know. Felt slightly exposed when wearing this lovely little smock that I picked up in the Miss Selfridge sale. The detail is lovely, it's hard to pick up on the photo's but the lace is so detailed and intricate. I just fell in love with it. Not to sure what I would wear it with though. It's quite simplistic as a whole, so I think teaming it with let's say black leggings or tights may be a little to heavy for it. I'll have to experiment and let you know what I come up with. I think the back is my favourite bit. I love it. So cute.
I'm dreading this weekend, it's going to be awful none stop work. I'm currently employed at a bar. Norwegian Blue, a night club in Manchester, Printworks. Last night I worked 7pm - 1am, tonight i'm working 8pm - 3am and tomorrow i'm working a shocking, killer 4pm - 3am shift, not looking forward to that one i'm telling you. But if any of you lovely people are ever in Manchester, pop in and see me, ask anyone where the printworks is, all us mancs know it.
Oh I thought I would give you a little snippit of my nail varnish obsession, these are just a few of them, my favourites. Only recently I was really strict on myself and had a major sought out of all my polishes, got rid of loads, it broke my heart but it had to be done.
Does anyone have any thoughts on the whole Barry M v's Models Own, personally I would have to say that i'm a Models Own girl, even though I do love Barry M I always find their polishes to be far to runny, you need to do about 3 coats. In all honesty i'm far to lazy for that.

Dress : Miss Selfridge, sale £15.00
Nail Polishes : Boots


  1. that top/dress is very pretty :) lovely blog

  2. I think this is absolutely gorgeous. The color, the lace...just beautiful.
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment my dear :)

  3. that dress is perfect love love love it! xx

  4. That dress is so delicate and sweet, I love the lace detailing on the back. I am also from Manchester!! But I have never been to 'Norwegian Blue', what is it like??

  5. Oh hey, fellow Manc :D Ermm it's just a club in the printworks, we get a good mix of people in there. Like I say if your every in the city centre pop in see if i'm working. x

  6. yay i have the model's own greeny duck egg colour!!! im wearing it now infact!! this blog is too cute xxx