Friday, 10 September 2010

I'm Singing in the Rain.

I just this second got my university address. Eek.
This feels weird, scary, strange, overly exciting. I don't know what to think.
I'm officially in ...
Court 10, Apartment 3, Room 4. Ensuite.
It's strange to think i'll be moving out in exactly nine days. Arghhhh.
Sorry sorry i'm being boring again.
How is everyone else doing in the big wide world?

I was in a peculiar mood today, not a bad one just felt a little odd. So I decided to go do a little dance around my back garden in the rain. I had just washed me hair so didn't mind about getting wet. It was quite refreshing actually, I really enjoyed it.
I decided to put my camera on self timer and multiple shot at the same time to see what it snapped. I think they came out quite well, you can definately feel the movement. Quite an energetic photo shoot I must say.

I love this top. It makes me feel like a proper hippie when ever I wear it.
Very boho as some may say.
It's from topshop, which reminds me. I've totally fallen in love with a pair of wide leg trousers that are in topshop at the moment. They are literally heaven in clothing. I've not felt this way over a materialistic object in a long time. But these have officially stolen my heart.
I might nip in and try them on next week some time see how they look and maybe just maybe, satisfy my addiction. Maybe. Even though i'm supposed to be saving.
See, i'm weak. I'm tempted far to easily.
I think I need shopaholic counselling.


  1. amazing photos Becca, really energetic as you said & the shoes definitely complete the outfit, but the top is stunning! very hippy but that's a good look. love your blog xx

  2. oh & also, the uni exciting, i went last year for my first year..finding out your room number & trying to hunt down your flatmates on facebook is the best bit! enjoy every minute xxx

  3. i just moved into my university and it was quite weird at first. it took me about two weeks to adjust completely but now all is well =] but good luck with the move! and by the way i love your style! i just came across your blog and i love it! and has any one ever told you that you kinda look like Lykke Li?

  4. Cute photos. I wish I was brave enough to take some photos in the rain

  5. very nice...cute shoes

  6. i never have to chance to go to university :(

    haha shopaholic counselling ?? u should count me in as well

  7. Are you going in to your first year of uni? If so, take all the opportunities you can! Make the most of it, say yes to everything (unless you really don't want to obviously!lol) It will be brilliant! Meet as many people as you can early on too.