Thursday, 16 September 2010

It's All In The Shirley Temple.

So so so.
I have to admit i'm not wearing this outfit today, I wore it yesterday.
It was my time saving stratedy as I didn't know when I was going to get a chance to get some more photo's snapped as I was out in Manchester today getting my hair cut.
It's not that much different, I few layers cut in, dead ends cut off, you know how it is.
But yeah I like it, and my hair dresser styled it in my usual curly/wavy/boho fashion.
But yeah i'm happy, I always get dead stressed when getting my hair cut as i'm really fussy and protective over it. I could never be one of those women who chop it all off to make a statement, my hair is my safety blanket, and in it's own way it is a statement I suppose, with my long, blonde tossled curls.

I love the way my little doggie has snook into this bottom photograph, I felt mean leaving him downstairs on his own so I let him come upstairs with me, and he fell asleep under my bed for an hour but then as I began to take my outfit shots for the blog he squeezed out and decided to pop his head into one, the silly little thing, he does make me laugh though.

Do you know what, this outfit is really old, well the top is, the skirt i've not had for that long, but i've had the top for like three years, and I barely ever wear it, think i've worn it twice, but I saw it when I started packing the other day and I was like Oooooo not seen that in a while and it would be perfect for my little reddy/pinky skirt. So wham bam, I wore it and I quite liked it.
Comfy but satisfying.


  1. i'm usually just like you - get the same type of thing done...keep it long...but yesterday was a BIG change for me! You can tell the diff from my profile pic.

    I love a hot pink skirt.

  2. aaah I love the colour of your skirt, makes everything stand out! And your dog is sooo so cute! I think I'll post some pictures of my cats soon :)
    I cut all my hair off once to above my shoulders, and it had never been that short since I was like 4, so it was a huge change. I liked it but I didn't feel so girly so I grew it back hehe :)

  3. Take my advice, only do something drastic with your hair once... then find a style that suits you best and stick to it religiously! As Baz Luhrmann says, "Don’t mess too much with your hair, or by the time you're 40, it will look 85." True dat! x

  4. Great blog...wanna follow each other?

  5. My little Darling i have passed u a blog Award , come and collect it cause u deserves it

    i know i am still new to your blog , but so far you are one of my fav :)

    so keep up the good work

  6. thanks for dropping by my blog!! i love your layout :) you are adorable in your pics! especially the one with your cute puppy!!

  7. i love your blog, becca. i love these pictures, you've got such qwerky ways of posing which is always good & i love this top. definitely love it when you find something you've forgotten about...especiall when it's so old then when poeple ask where it's from,they can't go get it! heheh :) xxxxx

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    With love, Samm

  9. nicee outfit. and your dog! so cute! can u post a close-up pic of him? ;P

  10. so lovely outfit! love the skirt and the dog is so cute! :)

    Jess from Taiwan.

  11. Thank you so much for appreciating my work and for the lovely comment.
    You look gorgeous :)