Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Little Miss Sunshine.

I would like to take this time to say that I am now officially unemployed.
It was my last night at work on Saturday, so strange.
We all stayed behind after we finished and danced, sung our hearts out and drank lot's of cherry sourz and lemonade. Mmmmmm yummy.
Oh yeah, and then there was a tiny incident of me being attacked by two huge security men and one barman, being picked up by my hands and legs and viciously being smothered in mountains upon mountains of whipped cream. Lovely. Not.
They covered me in it, in my hair, all over my clothes, down my top.
It was horrific. I stank of whipped cream for hours.
Apparently it was their way of showing me that they loved me and they'd miss me, pfft. A nice hug would have been good enough.
I'm so sorry that i've slightly neglected the blog over the last few days, I was due to do a post yesterday, but it was mine and my dads last day off together so we went out, went bowling, to a pool and snooker hall, and then went out for tea last night with all my family, so I didn't get a chance to do a post. Please don't hate me.

These are my new trousers, that I am absolutely in love with. Yes I said trousers, I wore them and people was like Ooooo I love your skirt, and I was like Nope it's trousers !!!
They are totally boho hippy, which is perfect for autumn, and they are so pretty. I adore the colours in them, the pinks and browns and purples, so my thing. And they just make my feel so pretty and bouncy if that makes any sence.
Love love love them, I just teamed them with a casual top from H&M, I though grey would make the pant's pop. What do you think.
Oooooo they do make me happy.

Oh i'd just like to give a big shout out to Robyn at www.starringindie.com
She recently gave me a blog award and I just wanted to say a huge thankyou.
Her blog is excellent, and if you haven't visited it, then you should. She's such a lovely girl.
So thanks again Robyn, I really appreciate it.

Trousers : Topshop, £45.00
Top : H&M, £12.99
Necklace : Fiorelli


  1. oh, i love their print.xx


  2. ohh thanks for your cute comment thats soo nice:) cuute blog <3 x

  3. oooh one of my friends has the lighter coloured version of these and they are amazing! your rocking them well :) haha not so cool about the cream thing but im sure it was all meant with well meaning

    R x


  4. Thanks for the comment sweety! Do you want to follow each other?


  5. wow i thought it was a skirt too. fun trousers

  6. Following you & thanks for stopping by! :)
    hope to see you on my site again very soon!

  7. whoa those trousers are fab. ive been looking for a great pair for what seems like forever. nice find!


  8. i wish i was officially unemployed...i know that sounds terrible but i do!


  9. I adore your outfit, great pants...

  10. I like your hair! it reminds me of how lauren conrad used to wear it on the hills :D

  11. LOVE these trousers. and totally agree with the comment above. these are definitely worth an AW10 wardrobe purchase :)


  12. I Like your blog, is so cool! :) I follow it, follow me too please :)


  13. I love this, I really want a very long skirt. And I love th outfit with the blue dress and yellow cardi! (one of your older posts) The colours look so lovely together.
    Thanks for visiting my blog --> I'm following you now. And yes, I love meerkats too!

  14. wow, love your pants. you got a great style. have a look at my blog and tell me what do you think!