Saturday, 25 September 2010

Uni Freshers Madness.

So then.
I'm so so so so so sorry for not posting.
I'm seriously having problems with my internet, basically I don't have any.
So i'm sat in my flat mates bedroom on her lap top.
I'm having a great time, just wanted to tell you all that i've not forgotten about you and I shall try to upload some photos as soon as possible.
I love all my Roomies, They are amazing.
Peter, Stace, Simon, Ashleigh and Moi.
They are so funny, we've had the best time, i've become the official cook of the flat.
No surprise there.

Any way, I best be off.
Sorry for the lack of photos, just let me sort my internet and i'll be back and ready for some serious blogging.
Loving you and leaving you, for now !!!


  1. oh we will miss , hope the connection will be fix soon

    my internet was down during for 2 days too what a pain to be disconnected from the world

  2. oh no! I love you rposts and really enjoy reading them!