Thursday, 14 October 2010

Put Your Hands In The Air ♥

I would like to take this opportunity to proudly say that I officially have my internet back.
I have never been so happy. My new uni friend Matt came round to my flat and worked his magic on it this afternoon, I'm telling you, I could of married him there and then.
This is just a series of silly little photos.
I did my nails of fancy again so I kinda wanted to show them off, but I think I also just wanted the chance to pull loads of silly faces at the camera. Oh well at least i'm honest.

These are taken in my new bedroom of my flat if your at all interested.
I think i've achieved a nice homely feel to it now.
Lovely velvet throws and silk scatter cushions, are randomly scattered to make it a little more personal and pretty.
I'm actually quite liking my room now.

I am so obsessed with photographs.
I'm not even joking I must have about 200 of them on my wall.
It looks really good though so oh well, what can you do.
Oh I forgot how much I loved blogging.
I've missed this so much.
fun fun fun.


  1. Yay glad you're back and enjoying Uni! Want to hear more about your man. You are going on my blog tomorrow btw :) x

  2. cutee

  3. Happy you finally have internet again!

  4. I like your nails soooooo much - adorable!!!