Saturday, 11 September 2010

What a Belter.

Bonjour, Hola, Kalemera, Guten Tag, Hallo, Namaste, Aloha, Salve, Jambo, Hej, Ni Hao.
Ermmmmmmm, sorry can't think of any other languages that's all I know.
But yeah. Hello.
I'm in quite a cheery mood today. Even though I had an eventful night at work last night.
Well, I had to evacuate my work after some drunk thug set the fire alarm off, so was stood outside in the cold at midnight looking all flustered whilst many sexy looking firemen stormed past me.
Next my friend who I work with Rachael accidently punched me in the eye and it swelled up like a balloon and went bright red. Not a good look. It's gone down quite alot this morning but still slightly swolen, she keeps telling me she loves me and she's sorry. Silly woman.
So peeps, it's my last night working at the bar tonight. I'm quite sad, I shall miss a lot of them.
Rachael, Emily, Sarah, Kat, John, Lenka, Aaron Danny, Mark, Will, Giro. I love you lot's.
I think we're all having a party after we close, which means staying at work, turning the music up loud and getting the drinks in, woop.

I love this bag, it makes me so happy.
I got it in Skiathos, Greece this summer when I was on holiday, in the sale for 20 euros. I couldn't say no of course. It's just to nice.
I thought it would be the perfect uni bag.
Not that I don't have enough bags, because I probably already have too many, but hey ho.
What's a girl without her accessories.

Top : H&M, £12.99
Bag : Amilies Boutique, Skiathos, 20 euros


  1. oh thank you! that's to sweet of you (:
    i adore your bag! so cool *_*
    one question: would you like to read my blog, if i would translate it into english?
    ♥ A

  2. That is a super cute bag! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. :)

  3. Hiya :) i wasnt sure where to post this but hopefully you'll see it here, Firstly i love your bag its so lovely :) and i've also read through your blog and its really good!

    Also i saw you commented on my blog and got UBER excited at the thought that my blog is actualy out there and people other than my best friend are reading it as i've just started! so thank you for that :)
    <3 xx

  4. sounds like such an eventful night :) maybe not so much for the punch on the eye part. in any case i thing you look great!! i love your bag <3

  5. Oh!!!
    How cutie blond...
    I wanted it too!!but it dont catches with me...
    (u.u)' XDD

    Lovely blog!
    _I follow you girl!


  6. Oh XPP
    You remind me Maria Carey!!
    Anyone have told you??XP

  7. poor thing , hope the eye is getting better now if not we will always have a nice pair of sunnies to save the day , rub it with some hot towels , i think it helps

    anyway cool studded bag , so edgy right

    Selamat Pagi :) Good Morning in Malaysia

    haha seriously.
    cute blog! :)

  9. Love the studded bag, its soo cool. I really like your blog! I am now following it and looking forward to your updates.


  10. gorgeous bag, it looks way more expensive!
    I love your blog, i'm your new follower :) x

  11. OMG, the bag is amazing !
    It looks soooo great , wanna have it !

    xoxo lala

    come and visit me

  12. that bag of yours is a beaut! it is seriously stunning and I want it hahaha x
    thats the spirit darling! no matter what brings you down just keep living it up!


  13. Gorgeous outfit and bag, I especially admire the stud detail :) x

  14. love your blogs layout! =)

  15. I LOVE that bag; too cool! x

  16. I love that bag, I just did a tutorial on my blog, the bag looks something like this :)

    cute blog.

    smooches :)

  17. Cool bag. :)

  18. i love your bag too! and i think it would make me happy to have one like it as well. :D

    <3, Mimi

  19. Love your bag.

  20. that's a very wicked bag!!


  21. hey I gave you a blog award. Check it out if you get a chance :)

  22. A girl can never have too many bags my love :) Lovely post, your workplace sounds very eventful!