Saturday, 16 October 2010

It's A Photo Frenzy.

Okie dokie, so I admit it, i'm not wearing this outfit today.
Inface I took theses photo's when I was back home in Manchester.
I thought I would save them for a rainy day, when I was either looking to rough, or feeling too lazy to take any, today is a rough day. I've got no makeup on and I really cannot be bothered to do my hair. So yeah. I do like this dress.

When I first bought it, I wasn't sure about the top half, I loved the fabric but couldn't quite decide whether it flattered me or not.
But now it seems to be growing on me. I love the fact that you could dress it for summer, or team it with wooley tights and scarfs in the winter. It's a perfect mixed seasonal piece.

Still loving uni, it's so much fun, I keep forgetting that i'm actually here to do work.
It's all been about staying up till 2 in the morning messing about with my flat mates.
And then strolling into class feeling half dead.
Don't worry though i'm not slacking, i'm still working hard.
Loving my Discovery Play module that i've been doing, We're putting on a performance of Shakespeares, Loves Labour Lost. But we've modernised it so it's set at Glastonbury festival.
It's so much fun.
Me, my boyfriend Peter and our friends Simon and Steph went to Mc' Donalds this morning at 2.00 am. I know how shocking. But when you get a craving it has to be satisfied right.
I did enjoy it very much so, Peter ate a chicken legend, two cheese burgers and fries, I don't know how he isn't the size of a house. I would be if I ate the amount he does.
Makes me giggle that boy.

Before I stop waffling on with myself I just wanted to give a big shout out to Beth, from Anchors Ahoy. She recently linked me in a post and I just wanted to say how much I appreciated it. She's so lovely and her blog is the perfect read, it's really down to earth and it's all about having fun.
You should totally go and check it out.

Dress : H&M, £12.99
Boots : Newlook, Sale £10.00


  1. My boyfriend is the same! He will have dinner, then usually eat again an hour or so later, and then he'll have something else before he goes to bed. And not even snacks, I'm talking full on meals and he's so skinny! Dunno where it all goes. He eats CONSTANTLY.

  2. you're right about the dress, you could wear it in the summer & winter
    LOVE your shoes!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love it!


  4. your boots are lovely!
    Emma x

  5. cute outfit

    My husband is the same way, I swear he could eat a horse and not gain a pound

  6. heeey thankyou for your comment on my post :D I am now following you, could you follow me back? i love your blog! xx

  7. love your blog, so inpiring!

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