Friday, 29 October 2010

My Own Little Pumkin Carriage.

Can any one else believe that it's halloween this weekend. It's come around so fast this year.
So what's everyone dressing up as?
I've got a halloween party tomorrow, and i'm dressing up as a rag doll. I've been quite inspired, i'm doing all my makeup really wacky, with love heart red and black lips, stitches around my mouth and eyes, white face. And I've got some really really cool fake eyelashes, that are so OTT. But totally amazing because of it.
Don't worry i'll take lot's of photos and make sure I put some of them up.
My dress is amazing as well. I wanted to get something that I could wear over and over, So it's black, with lace at the top, and then it puffs out in a mesh skirts, sounds abit bizarre, but it's cool just trust me about this one.

I was out in Lincoln town center with my boyfriend today, doing a bit of shopping for our halloween costumes, sorry that I keep talking about halloween, i'm excited. But anyway, I walked past Topshop and saw that there was a big sale on, so I got all carried away with myself and went in. I found this dress alone on one of the racks, without a price tag, and a lovely little silk and lace skirt, I fell in love with the print on it and felt like I had to get it. It's so pretty. When I took it to the cashier, the lady told me it was only £15 and I couldn't say no. What a steal.
Love it.
I don't know what to team it with though, I might wear it tomorrow, and mess about with some different ideas for it. Hmmmmm i'm thinking a pretty ring.


  1. wow, you're beautiful!
    love your picture ;)

  2. sweet dress and i'm super excited for halloween too!
    You're costume sounds awesome, can't wait to see it - i'm going as a zombie nurse :) x

  3. haha, i have the same problem.
    i can't resist buying any bargains in topshop ;)

  4. This dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you darling :) xo

  5. Thanks for your comment! I've been reading your blog and definetely I adore your outfits!! When I read UK blogs I always find the girls are wearing cute clothes from Primark, and then I say "OMG! Primark is awesome" so when I visit my local Primark and it's like "Is this all?"... I've never found any bargain!!! But everyone who travels to UK tells Primark is THE BEST. Probably the spanish primarks sucks, I don't know :)

    From UK I adore Topshop, I know that is more expensive but I think sometimes it's worth spending this extra money!! Wearing Topshop here in Spain is not very usual... so it's perfect in all the ways!!!. Hugs and kisses!!