Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Date Night ♥

Awwww this was such a good night.
Me and Pete went to Prezzo a local Italian restaurant which is just devine.
It was really relaxing and so much fun.
We just spent the whole night laughing and joking at each other.

This playsuit that i'm wearing is one of my absolute favourite buys.
I had my eye on it from when it first came out in Topshop but at £50 I just couldn't justify spending the money on it.
Any how, went in Topshop last week, they had a little sale on and I found just one in my exact size, I got so excited and had to buy it. At £20 who can complain.
Oooooo and I also spent £28 on some new Yves Saunt Lauren foundation. Eek expensive. But so so so lovely, I really need to stop spending.


  1. Aww date nights are the best :) I love that playsuit, you look great in it. The lacy bits are so cute. Can't believe its down to 20 quid now, what a bargin! I may have to go check the sale...

  2. well your face certainly looks very flawless so it was a good purchase :)
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  3. Love the playsuit, defo a good buy!:) x

  4. omgosh where do you live?! the topshop sales by you are amaze! i want that playsuit so much! it looks lovely on you by the way :) xx