Friday, 3 December 2010

1. So then last night was my BDNO (Big Disney Night Out) in Lincoln city center, I went as Bagherra out of the Jungle Book, absolutely love it, it was so funny trying to trudge through the snow in nothing but little boots velvet effect leggings and a velvet effect three quarter length sleeves. As could well be predicted, it was extremely extremely cold, I've never wanted my bed and my hoodie so much in my life.

2. I'm really craving my home town and house and room and parents and doggie at the moment. I'm sick of being annoyed by the same couple of people in my flat over and over again, I really get on with boys so much better than I do girls, everything just seems to be a competition and i'm tired of it. I really want my home comforts right now, missing my mum and dad like mad.

3. Is everyone excited over the fact that it's december, I can't believe it, december the 3rd already. Has everyone been keeping up to date with their advent calenders, you best be, I have two, my own and then a share one with my boyf. Just need to finish off christmas shopping now. Need to buy for my mum, dad, best friend, nana and Pete, and then i'm all done. I love christmas shopping.


  1. hey
    I am French so I apologize in advance for the mistakes lol

    Thank you for your comment it made me very happy, your blog is great = D I LOVE it!

    I would put more comments this weekend because right now I am revising for my exams;)

    Continues!! Your blog is too cute

    Clochette kisses!