Monday, 15 November 2010

It's All About the Vogue.

I'm officially back from Welshland or Sheep country as some like to call it.
Anyway due to my rather good mood at the moment, I decided to get up off my bottom and take some outfit photos, for your lovely viewing.
Guess what, as many of you who read my blog may recall, for the past couple of months i've been moaning on and on about there being a serious lack of H&M in Lincoln, seriously it cannot be found anywhere and it was nearly killing me as i'm used to shopping there weekly.
Back to the point, my lovely boyfriend whilst in Wales took me to Chester, where guess what the have .... an H&M... Woo. You cannot believe how excited I was, it was like I suddenly became possessed by a shopping bug and went insane. As all H&M fans would agree, the prices are very good, with most items ranging from between £7.99 - £24.99. I managed to spend £111 in one foal swoop. And then I went to top shop, and then I went to Republic, Shocking, but it was a very good day for the wardrobe. The top i'm wearing in the photos are one of my buys from the madness.
Over all it was a lovely weekend, we shopped, we ate out, we ate in, we played jenga and monopoly and cuddled lots and lots. Oh and I read a whole lot of Vogue. He makes me smile so much.

Top : H&M, £9.99
Skirt : H&M, £2.99
Leggings : Primark, £3


  1. So glad you got to buy some amazing clothing at H&M, it is a lovely store.

  2. I would be so annoyed if I couldn't abuse an H&M!
    Lovely outfit :)

    Rosie x

    Would be so so happy if you would take a looky at my blog:

  3. Love the top! x

  4. this is nice!

  5. i totally love your style.
    you look so natural and pretty!
    ps: thank you for being my first comment on my blog :)

    Jay x