Thursday, 11 November 2010

Model of the Week.1.

Okie Dokie then.
This is my first Model of the Week post. I'm quite excited about it actually.
From the start of this idea when I first decided that I was going to do this post, I knew straight away who my first model would be.
Abbey Lee Kershaw.
I'm sure the majority of fashion lovers will know who she is. You cannot miss her within the fashion industry these days, she's everywhere. From Vogue to Elle to Tatler.
And she is so so so gorgeous. I'm absolutely jealous of her, mainly because her hair, and her eyes. But yeah, a girl can dream.

Right so I'm afraid my blog will be lacking in posts this weekend, infact I doubt i'll have any time at all to do a post.
I'm going away to Wales with my boyfriend for the weekend to meet the family. I'm so nervous, but excited at the same time, i'm all packed, i've taken so many outfits it's unbelievable, but a girl needs choices right. Theres some nice going out outfits, there's some shopping style outfits, and some casual chic outfits, I can never decide what to wear in the morning, so I had to find a good amount of options for myself.
So I suppose this is me signing out for the weekend, i'm quite scared of leaving flat in the hands of my housemates, especially when I know their having people over for a few drinks tomorrow, I hope my scatter cushions will be safe, fingers crossed.
Have a lovely weekend peeps. I'll off to sheep country, woo.


  1. abbey lee, she's definitely the it model of the moment. i read an interview with her the other day and she sounded so nice and grounded, beautiful too. love her.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  2. She's gorgeous! Loving this post. :) x