Monday, 8 November 2010

Webcam Fun.

It's so bad how little i've been posting lately, I've been a bad blogger, and for this I have to apologise.
Last week was absolutely rubbish, I had one presentation, one performance and two essays. Didn't help that I had a completely useless presentation group that didn't do any of their work on time so kept me in the library until midnight. Hmmmm I wasn't impressed as you can guess.
So yep it wasn't good, and i'm just getting all stressed out about getting my grades back now as it's my first assignment at uni. What can I say ... Sad face.
I suppose it did perk up eventually though, I finished my essays four days early and went out for a romantic meal with Pete on the Friday night to Prezzo, a gorgeous Italian restaurant Mmmmmm.
And then which completely made it all better, my lovely mumsy and popsicles came down to visit me for the weekend. It was so nice, we didn't even do that much, we just walked around town and up towards the famous cathedral where all the little, cute boutiques and vintage shops are. And then we went to Prezzo, again. Yummy, I was so upset when they left on Sunday, it was so nice having them around, I miss them so much.

I've been trying to think of some new blog post ideas.
So far i've decided to do a Model of the week. And a Love of the week, this could be anything, handbags, shoes, boys, food, shop, anything, but yeah, i'll try and get it going.
And ofcourse i'll do my outfit posts and so on, i've just been so busy lately.


  1. Sorry you had such a hard week. At least you got some time to spend with your family, that's sounds nice.

  2. hope things will look up nicely soon babe x

  3. Chin up! Looking forward to your new post ideas

  4. You're looking lovely in this pic!

    T x