Wednesday, 19 January 2011

He Was a Star Collector, She Knew About The Skies.

I love this necklace, it's reasonably new I got it over the January sales from Urban Outfitters, It's the Aries star sign Symbol, but it's oh so pretty. I'm never usually into that whole astrology thing, I occasionally read the odd horoscope for a laugh but never take them seriously, but when I saw this necklace I had to have it. And it was in the sale for a mere £5. So why not eh?

Just letting you know this will probably be my last post of the week. I'm not slacking or being lazy, but i'm going down to Wales with my boyfriend Pete again for the weekend, so I doubt i'll have a chance to blog. But don't worry, i'll be back on monday or tuesday with another outfit post. I'm a determined little blogger and attempting to keep my self organised as well as committed.

Any way have a lovely weekend, I'm sure I will. Comment away, I always love to hear from you all, and again any questions formspring me in my right sidebar.

Post Song : Stargazer, Paloma Faith


  1. i like this necklace :D im really into star signs although i don't really beleive in a lot of the horoscopes! but did you hear they've added a new one? im not really sure how that works but heyho! xx

  2. i have the libra one! how lovely!

  3. Cute necklace. Go aries!! :)

  4. love this necklace, i want a gemini one!