Monday, 24 January 2011

I've Got Some Real Estate Here In My Bag.

It's all ok and back to normal, I'm officially back from Wales and ready to blog blog blog.
Well I actually got back last night, but it was late and I had to get ready for University, and then today i've had none stop lectures, seminars and workshops all day long 9 till 5, not had a second to breath let alone post. But yeah, it was a lovely weekend, didn't do much just lazed about all cosey and relaxed, did go out for a few lovely meals though with Pete and his family. Nom nom nom.
Any way enough with my waffling.

I LOVE this jumper, it makes me so happy. I'm not going to lie, I actually spotted it first on another blog, Cats and Rocking Chairs to be precise, which is pne of my favourite new blogs. It was on one of her early posts and I loved it as soon as I saw it, presuming of course that it wouldn't be in stock any more, so I put it to the back of my mind as to not tease myself, but then the next week whilst rummaging through H&M what do I find, the same absolutely gorgeously chic jumper.
As you may be able to tell i was a very happy bunny !
H&M I ♥ you

Ooooo comment away or Formspring me. I always love to hear from you all.

Jumper : H&M. £14.99
Skirt : H&M, £2.99
Tights : Primark, £2.50
Jewellerey : Urban Outfitters, Accessorize, Pandora

Post Song : America, Simon and Garfunkle


  1. That jumper is gorgeous!

  2. I have seen this jumper on a few blogs lately, it looks lovely on you! I may need to get one myself ;)

  3. i love this jumper. <3 lovely. :)

  4. love the jumper - i must have it in my life xxxx

  5. loving the jumper, my have to have a rummage in H&M myself! also loving the rings


  6. thank you for the wonderful comment.

    your blog is simply lush!

    && those rings are to die for!!

  7. Thanks for the comment. You have a great blog dear!!
    And I'm in love with your rings!!

    xx Olga