Sunday, 30 January 2011

New Edition... Sunday Stunners ♥

Mila Kunis ♥

Gosh she's so so pretty.
Probably best known for her roles in Forgetting Sarah Marshal and her latest role of Lily in Black Swan (which you must see if you haven't, AMAZING) I think this girl just oozes style. I think she's defiantly one of the prettiest actresses in hollywood, even though she isn't that well known, but she really does deserve some more attention.
She's just lovely.
I went to see Black Swan on Wednesday with Pete, and I honestly thought it could possibly be film of the year. Both Mila and Natalie Portman give outstanding performances and the film is just beautiful to watch. It's slightly on the dark side so don't go thinking that your just going to watch a girly little film about ballet because you really couldn't be more wrong.
But yeah i'm not going to say any more incase I give anything away, you just have to see it. And it's made me want to buy a ballet skirt really bad. It's on my to do list !


  1. i've liked mila ever since she playied in "that 70's show". it's an awesome comedy series, u should watch it if you haven't :P

  2. I agree with you here! Shes great. Loved Black Swan too


  3. she is gorgeous.. and what makes her even more attractive is that you can tell she doesn't take herself too seriously! xxx

  4. She voices Meg from Family Guy. I hate how much I have watched that show - every line by her in Black Swan, I felt like yelling "shut up meg".

    She is so beautiful though! x

  5. she's gorgeous - couldn't believe she was the voice of Meg when I first found out!

  6. I adore Mila, she is absolutely gorgeous! Set to be huge this year x

  7. She is gorgeous isn't she! I didn't actually realise the connection between her role in forgetting sarah marshall! I knew i knew her face from somewhere! But your right, shes more unknown than Natalie Portman, but i think this year is her time to shine:D
    thank you for the comment by the way, i really like your blog too!xxx