Sunday, 13 February 2011

Send A Wish Upon A Star, Do The Work And You'll Go Far.

He got up !
I love Pete, he's the best boyfriend in the world, he finally got up out of bed and took me for a trip down to the canal and did his magic snap snap snap with his camera.
What do you think of the results, I think he did a marvelous job, there were so many to choose from but I managed to wriggle it down to my favourite five. I think these are my favourites anyway, it was a tough decision.
I love looking at all the boats here, i've lived on an average little street my whole life, with nothing interesting that near by, but now in Lincoln I have a lovely canal right behind my flat, it's so great just to watch the boats drift by.
Whilst we were taking the photos today a man went past on his long boat warning me about the risks of falling into the canal, it made me giggle. Pete got excited though because he was flying the Welsh flag from the end of his boat.
Yes Pete is Welsh, so he was a happy bunny.

So then second outdoor outfit shot in a row, are you proud of me?
I did say it would be my new years resolution, and yes I didn't try very hard with it at first but here I am making a move for the better. And I'm already planning my next shots. Set a date for a shoot with Pete for either Tuesday or Wednesday, won't be blogging tomorrow as I have a mad busy day at Uni, and then it's Carnage at the night, where millions of students go on a huge bar crawl and get catastrophically drunk.
However I am not a big drinker, and never go out, so not sure what i'll think of that, i'd much rather sit in the house all cosey with a good movie, a cup of coffee and some classic magazines, I know I lead such an exciting life. But hey that's how I like it.

I want to do a blogger meet up.
I've decided, you always hear about the fashion bloggers of America going on blogger meet ups, for example the Indie conference. Tieka from Selective Potential and Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky are always going on them. I want to do it.
How about it all you UK lovelies?

Top : Topshop Sale, £25.00
Cardigan : Topshop Sale, £25.00
Tights : Primark, £2.50
Boots : Newlook Sale, £19.00

Post Song : Lullaby, Sia


  1. I am SO digging your style! I just love it, can't seem to take my eyes off you, though this may sound really creepy at the moment.. Anyway, thank you for following me, I'm definitely following you as well :)
    Very cute introduction text by the way! (I really like the "we live together in our crummy little student flat, where we watch millions of movies, act like idiots and eat lots of spaghetti"-part, 'cause I totally recognize the situation -except for the living together- hahaa).
    You probably hate me now for leaving you such a long comment, so I'll eave it there..


  2. Thanks a lot for your nice comment,I follow you,follow me on!

  3. I love the colour of that cardigan!

  4. I like your top :) It is great ;)

  5. you are adorable! Love that outfit, the red makes your hair look great!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love this outfit, especially the cardigan <3 xxx

  7. Love your outfit <3
    Great blog, now following x

  8. So lovely, and you look so much like Aly on the show Pretty little liars

  9. You have a very nice, interesting blog :-)

  10. Beautiful pictures, you have such a wonderful sense of style
    Great blog!

  11. thank you for stopping by & for the lovely comment!

    what a wonderful little location! jealous that you have a flat with THIS sort-of as your backyard. haha

    would love to have you as a follower, stop by again sometime soon!

    hope you're having a fabulous valentine's day!

  12. Lovely outfit, nice shoes

  13. Thanks for your comment :)
    I love the colour of that cardigan!

  14. Cute outfit, I like your blogger uniting idea. UK bloggers are great.


  15. don't be down about your blog, becca, i love to read it! and am a firm follower (: however, i'm very jealous of your lovely new look, all shiny & new! i wish i had someone to take my pictures for me!

    i completely agree when it comes to blogger meet ups! despite not really considering myself a 'successful' blogger as i only have 4 followers, but i'm proud of my 4 followers & am always jealous of when Jen (little bird) & Lily (llymlrs) talk about going on blogger meet ups! i always think they're a fab idea (:

    keep up the fab work lovely, i'd be lost without you to read!

    Legs xo

  16. Love your jumper, great photos. And a UK meet up sounds great! x