Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Stunners ... Week4.

Sienna Miller ♥

Sorry I haven't done an outfit post this week. It's been one of those weeks where you keep planning to do a shoot everyday and then you wake up, look out of the window and it's really miserable, cloudy, windy, rainy. Basically just rubbish photo shoot conditions.
Don't worry I really do want to do another one. Just need the weather to get on my side thats all.

I really want a hair cut so bad. I love my hair, not sounding vain or anything but it's like my favourite thing about me, I can do so many things with it and it's so thick and I like the colour, i'm just kind of obsessively protective over it. When I was 15/16 I had to worst hair cut ever. I asked her to do it choppy layers, instead she practically cut all of my hair off and gave me the shortest layers imaginable, nightmare. Ever since then I have to splurge out on my haircuts. I.e Tony and Guy £140. I know, it was highlights as well mind due so ...

Anyway Sienna Miller, yes please. I'd happily look like her she's so so pretty and I adore her style and hair, she's always been hair inspiration for me. Lovely.
Jude Law, what an idiot.
That's all I have to say !


  1. she is soooo stunning! if i had hair like either of you- i'd be a very happy girly! xoxo avs

  2. She's looks great in Layer Cake. Lovely blog and I used to live in Lincoln!

    xoxo Natasha

  3. she really is so beautiful!!!!

  4. I think she is another blondy... nothins special :P

  5. Love those pictures... they are so gorgeous!!!

  6. I love the first picture of her! lol..yeah, what was Jude Law thinking?! xoxoxoo