Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It Gives Me Thrills To Wind You Up.

So yeah we still have crappy weather, I'm not lying it's pure miserable out there and cold and it's making me all depressed. I much more of a summer person, even though I think I dress better in the winter, but ah well. I'll get over it.
These are just some quick snaps that I got last night, Pete studies media and photography at uni, and his new project is photos drawing with light. So i've been his artist for the drawings ! I think i've actually found a new talent, he's a bloody fussy bugger and had me doing it for hours though, when I went to bed all I could see were strobe lights. I'll try and post a few examples of them on here if he lets me. Ohhhh, no joke of a lie he's just put it on a memory stick and uploaded it to my laptop for me ! Woop. I will put it up at the bottom, it's only my name but hey !

Big stress at the moment, I have exactly a week tomorrow to put on a performance of Hamlet and write two essays. Can I just ask how the hell am I suppossed to do that. I have no idea. Work Work Work, after this post I plan to learn lines for a good couple of hours and then more later. Its rubbish.
And Pete goes back to Wales on Thursday for just over a week, without me. Because I have this damn performance ... very sad.

Anyway you don't want to listen to my moaning.
Whats everyones opinion on fur coats ?
Let me know.
I'll finish on something fashion based.

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Post Song : Foundations, Kate Nash


  1. gotta love a fur coat, i know people think they're tacky/cheap/slutty but i love my leopard print fur coat! x

  2. I love fur coats, yours look great! x

  3. great coat and the weather is miserable here too. Good luck with your school work load

  4. your hair is lush, such a nice colour!xx

  5. your coat is fab! I'm still in search of the perfect fur/faux fur coat!



  6. Omg, you guys are so cute together :)

  7. great coat - looks so warm!