Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Cola Bottle and a Sherbet Rocket.

Ok ok I know it sounds like excuse after excuse, but now I can't take any outdoor shots because Petes gone back to Wales for the week and now I have noone to take my outfit shots for me.
I'm so so sorry, I really do want to take them, I love doing them as well its so much fun, so i'm missing them as well. I'll get back on it as soon as he's back.

Hamlet performance tomorrow. The day has finally arrived. Nerves ahoy. I'm not too stressed actually, I learnt like all my lines straight away so i'm kinda comfortable with them now. But still, it is a little nerve wracking. Fingers crossed for me my lovelies.

I love this skirt. I think it's super cute but I hardly ever wear it. Something that I defo need to make a change too.
Anyway, I know this is kinda brief, but i'm it dyer need of a coffee, so i've got to be going, don't forget to like me on facebook! I've only just got myself a page so ... If you fance it. Please do.
Hope everyones having a super time.

Top : H&M, £2.99
Blazer : Newlook, £22.00
Skirt : H&M, £12.99
Tights : Primark, £2.50
Watch : Urban Outfitters

Post Song : Sugar Mouse, Oh Atoms


  1. Owh, I don't mind you taking your pictures inside you know :D Success on the play ;) You'll do great, I'm sure.