Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Stunners ... Week5

Rachel Bilson ♥

I am such a happy bunny right now.
As said in my last post, i've had so so so much university work on at the moment, a performance of Hamlet to put on in less than a week, so i'm rehearsing all the time, like some kind of crazy woman, walking around my flat quoting Shakespeare like every second of the day. As well as that i've got two huge essays, which I will proudly shout from the rooftops that I have finally completed. Finished them this afternoon infact. Woop woop woop.
That means that I can officially go back to Manchester for a few days on wednesday, and hopefully get my hair done whilst i'm there. Fingers crossed.

Anyway anyway anyway Rachel Bilson.
Opinions please?
I think she's totally underated. Her style is so chic, and she always looks a million dollars. She's not done any films for a while though ... watch this space I guess.
Very pretty girl.


  1. Good luck with your play!! I also love rachel! She is super gorgeous!! :]

  2. yeah good luck! And I agree, she is so stunning:) Love your blog, I follow, hope you'll follow back!?;)


  3. Rachel Bilson is one of my very few girl crushes! She is so beautiful and always looks relaxed and laid back.