Sunday, 27 March 2011

I Want To Hold Your Hand.

Ok, I know on a Sunday I would usually do my Sunday Stunners post but today I had other things on my mind that I wanted to share with you all.
Mainly just the pictures of my birthday cakes (there was a third cake but I tried to photograph it whilst still in the box and the lighting just wasn't picking it up so I will photo it when it's open)
Anyway, I had the best birthday surprise ever, My other half was taking me out for a romantic birthday meal at Prezzo, our favourite restaurant, which I was super excited about but I was kinda gutted that I wasn't going to see my parents, i've never had a birthday without them.
Anyway, we was walking to Prezzo, Pete opened the door like the gentlemen that he is and I walked in and there sat on the sofa in the waiting area was my mum and dad !!!
You should of seen my face, I think I looked like a was about to collapse in shock. I just couldn't believe it, Dad and Pete had planned the whole thing.
It absolutely made my day.

Below are two of my lovely cakes.

Oh and thankyou for all the lovely birthday messages yesterday, it meant so much to me.

The Handwriting Challenge.


  1. I love the Hello Kitty cake.

  2. what a sweet surprise! Happy belated birthday

  3. What an awesome b-day surprise :) So glad you had a lovely b-day! Those cakes look yummy for sure!

  4. Owh, sorry to be late dear, but I wish you a very happy -late- birthday!

  5. how sweet of your bf <3 cute photos!! love your hello kitty cake :)

    belated happy birthday!!

  6. lovely cakes,happy belated birthday :)