Friday, 1 April 2011

Yes Please ... Topshop

Mocassins, Scallop Hem Shorts, Pink Bow Headband, Lover Jumper, Navy Blouse, Denim Playsuit, Double Brested Button Blazer

I am currently in an extreme shortage of cash moment, it's horrible, I keep walking past topshop and looking at all the glorious clothes that I pass by.. makes me sad even thinking about it.
Anyhow, I got bored this evening so decided to seriously tease myself, by browsing the Topshop website, and creating my list of "yes please's" It was quite a big list so I found it quite difficult cutting it down to such a small amount.
I'm absolutely loving the floral shorts here, i'm in love with them, would do anything for them, and i'm sooooo poor !
Damn this bloody life as a student.

Hows everyone been this week then?
I've been super busy with loads of uni stuff, as you all probably know, i'm directing a play at the moment, so it's work work work and like a million rehearsals, been good fun though.
I'm also currently addicted to The Vampire Diaries, I know it came out like ages ago, but i'm not a huge watcher of tv, and I just never really got into the craze of it, but watched one episode online the other week and now I can't stop watching it.
Guilty habit what can I say.


  1. love the jumper and playsuit! Im exactly the same with vampire diaries, i finally caved and jumped on the bandwagon and now im obsessed. how hot is damon?!

  2. i love the jump suit and shorts, so pretty!


  3. My favourite here is the blue blouse, love the bow.
    I usually record a lot of TV on Freeview then watch it when I have time, so am usually a bit behind. I'm just getting into Chuck which has started from the beginning on FIVER.

  4. I am definitely loving that jumper (Sweatshirt as we say) and that adorable blazer. By the way, just found your blog and think it's really fun!