Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Strawberry Shoe Laces.

I've been so so super busy this past couple of weeks.
I've had like a million essays to do, and my mum and dad are moving house so i've been helping them with all the packing, as well as me moving back to manchester for the summer. Crazy times my lovely.
Do you know what tv show i've guiltily being additively watching ... The Only Way Is Essex ... I know it really is utter trash tv, but it's just so bad it makes it great, I just love to watch the people in it and have a good old laugh at them.

So we're in serious need of a catch up, I feel like a need to refresh myself on the blogosphere. Catch up with everyone. I've been slacking, i'm very sorry for it.
Hopefully i'll be back on the ball soon ready for the summer months.

Fill me in lovely's !


  1. Your top is so pretty :) You look fab! Hope the following weeks won't be too stressing for you, with the moving and all of the other fuss going on there, hahaa.

    And thank you so much for your comment on my 'greatest memory' post, it really made me smile - thing that didn't happen a lot lately to be honest. Feels good knowing that there are some people out there who do care about how I feel. I seriously appreciate it, so thanks a lot.


  2. your lace top is amazing, i love that its a bit see through, sexy but still classy