Saturday, 28 May 2011

Breakdown Society SOS.

Ok. I guess firstly I need to apologize for having practically a whole month away from the blogosphere. So sorry.
Secondly I guess all of my lovely and loyal readers will be wondering where the hell I disappeared to and why. The truth is nowhere exciting, in fact rather the opposite.
About 3 and a half weeks ago I got really really ill, with the worst throat infection i've ever had in my life, literally I had blood at the back of my throat, I couldn't eat or drink, couldn't sleep due to the pain being that excruciating, so yeah, that lasted for about a week or so, and then I had to run back to uni for a few days to do my last performance that I was being examined on.

Then about a week or two ago I went to Wales, and started to get this really weird and intense pain in the top of my leg, so I came home early and it got worse, again no sleep. So on monday morning I was rushed to hospital, they said that I had a really bad infection in my leg so for the past six days i've been on 9 tablets a day unable to walk or do anything, just basically sit there in agony.

And now for the real painful bit, that kills me to say, if all that wasn't bad enough ... me and my long term boyfriend Pete broke up. So i've also been in a severe state of depression. Emotional breakdowns galore and I still don't even like to think or talk about it .. so thats all i'm saying on the matter.

Anyway, I hope things have been going better in all your lives.



  1. B, i am so sorry to hear what a terrible time you've been having. As a loyal reader, and follower, i'd like to let you know that i am still here and still loving your blog! You remain an inspiration, don't worry about us - focus on yourself. As you seem to be having to sit around a lot, if it would help but at all please don't hesitate to email me ( - for a friendly chat or rant or whatever you like - or even email me with your address and we can correspond via the good old fashioned post! I hope that thinks get better for you soon, one door closes and another one opens - there's always a candle in your dark.. somewhere. All the best, love & hugs,

    K xo

  2. I hope you're ok sweetheart, try and keep your chin up xxx

  3. I agree with Gabby, just keep your chin up. You will get better emotionally and physically just sometimes it takes time. As for you and your boyfriend spliting up, just think that their are plenty more fish in the see as the saying goes and that he just wasn't the right one for you. Try and keep yourself busy xxx

  4. hope you feel better soon :) loving these pics

    kate xo

  5. Oh no, what rotten luck :(

    Break ups are never easy, but then sometimes things just aren't meant to be. As hard as it is to admit it right now.

    Keep your chin up

    T x

  6. Glad your back:) these pictures are so cute I especially love the one with the Harry Potter reference:)

  7. I am so sorry to hear about you and Pete.. And all of the above. It must have been a horrible month for you :( I sincerely hope for you the tide will turn, that you get better and that this is just a passage for Pete. Because let's be honest, how could he let go of a sweet and pretty girl like you Becci?! If you want to talk or anything be sure that I'll be ready to listen to you, girl. Also, try to keep your chin up, I've been depressed in the past and I know how hard this can be.. But you're strong, you can face this and I'm sure your friends will be there to help you too.


  8. Hope you feel better soon hun! xxx