Thursday, 4 August 2011

Criminal Activity

Don't worry, i'm not suffering from some kind of look at the floor syndrome, there isn't anything on my foot or something like that, I'm just hiding a huge spot!! Blushing in shame right now, it's disgusting. I've fortunately pretty much been blessed with good skin throughout my life, i've never really suffered from acne or breakouts, the worst my skin ever got was when I was about 16 I just used to get the odd patch of blemishes on my cheek! But yeah, you can't have it perfect all the time, so for the time being I have been cursed with this volcanic eruption that is taking place on my chin! Not a good look, when going out in public or taking outfit shots for the blog.

I've actually had a really nice day today, drove to Stoke with my mumsy, auntie and cousin to go visit Dagfields, this really huge antiques place. Its not my usual scene but my mums got this crazy obsession with going out and buying old antique baskets, spray painting them and lining them with pretty fabric, don't get me wrong, she's actually really good at it and they end up looking super cute but she does drive me slightly crazy with it all.
We're kinda two peas in a pod me and mum but in a totally different way, self contradiction there I know, but if you knew us, it would totally make sense!
There's me who's really creative in terms of fashion and style, I also write quite a lot as well as my acting and directing, and then there's my mum who's really creative in terms of arts and crafts, as well as her basket fetish she "up-cycles" old bits of furniture as well as making little rag dolls and cushions. She does loads of other things but the list would go on so i'm restricting it!
I'll sneak into her room and take a photo of the basket hoard for you!
Anyway, I just bought a few nice bits a bobs for my room in my new flat today, got some little wall signs and then some bunting!! The little girl in me absolutely adores bunting, I asked my mum so make me some ages ago but she never did, so I saw it today and thought, its a must!

Here's some of the baskets that my mum has given a new life too! May I add she does these entirely herself, paints, lines with fabric, the lot! All are hand made by her pretty little self.


  1. I love the pink one, makes me want an Easter basket again. A chic one at that.

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! Your header is quite lovely as well, as is your dress here! I'm a sucker for a dress with pockets. It's just so chic and convenient. Also, I really love the orange basket. It'd go wonderfully in my dorm room :)