Monday, 8 August 2011

Rush of Blood

For me this is one of those, today I am not leaving the house other than to run to the supermarket to get food outfits! No harm in that is it, see the trick is to find the perfect balance between a lazy throw on and still looking effortlessly "chic" not that I'm saying that I look chic, big headed slip of the tongue moment. I'm not big headed at all, I just personally don't think you can go wrong with an oversized tee, leggings and studded ankle boots. bright nail varnish as well just to mix it up a bit. I actually got this nail polish free with the latest edition of Elle Magazine. Really like it as well, lovely bright orange shade I think it's just called The ELLE Orange. There were three different shades to pick from, this one, a grey shade which was practically identical to one that I already own and a maroon colour. Orange was my fave so I thought why not!

My mum and dad are going away on holiday tomorrow, they are trying a boating experience, my idea of a nightmare if i'm honest, don't get me wrong, its not the idea of the boat. It's the idea of being in such a small enclosed space with my parents for a whole week. I love my mum and dad so much, and i'm probably a lot closer to them than most people are to their parents, but they do have the capability to drive me absolutely loony.
Quite looking forward to having some me time as well, so much has gone on in my life over these past few months and it'll be nice to just have some quiet time, maybe get a day without someone asking me about my love life, or if i'm over he who shall not be named ever again on this blog because he is so unworthy of it! Oh gosh i'm ranting again, apologies.
But yeah, some nice, girly, me time which basically means i'm going to spend the following week reading books and magazines, indulging in a wide variety of my favourite movies, walking around in my pj's and basically doing whatever the hell I like.
Sounds like the perfect week if you ask me!

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  1. sounds like you have a relaxing week ahead of you.