Friday, 2 September 2011


These are the cover photos for the latest addition of Love Magazine, and with no pun intended, I absolutely love them. When I went out to my local WHSmiths to buy my copy I was in there for so bloody long umming and arring over which cover to go for ... it obviously being an extremely important decision as this magazine is seriously overpriced at a whopping £6, might as well be getting a book. But in the end I punted for the Elle Fanning cover, in case your interested I have put the covers in my order of preference on this post so sorry girlies but for me its Elle, Chloe, Lara and then Hailee. Their all gorgeous of course though. 
What does anyone else think, let me know which is your fave !!! 


  1. I really like the last two covers :D I do have to say I don't even know Love mag, woops! :$


  2. loving your blog lovely :) xx

  3. ohhh, what fab covers, and that is pricey for a mag! i have to say my fav is defo Hailee, though they are all so gorgeous!


  4. Becci, i've followed you from the start & because of how much i admire you, i've nominated you for a blogger award :) Hop on over to to see the details!

    K ox