Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Blustery Day On The British Coast

This was one of those mornings when spontaneity hits and I ended up having to jump out of bed and get ready in as little as ten minutes. Not an easy thing to do when your hair is often as crazy and wilful as my own. Hence the reason why it is chucked up in a top knot, can't look perfectly groomed at all times. Ended up having a really nice day as well as it happens, took my pooch Thistle to the beach along with mum and dad. I love it when we go to Formby, its the perfect place to spend a summers day, they having every thing. A huge lovely beach, miles of impossible sand dunes and a forest that goes on forever, we've gotten lost like every time we've been, but its glorious watching all the little rabbits hop about everywhere.
So so cute.
I snapped the photo below of my little doggie when he was in a wild rampage rolling around in the sand, I know he looks like a mental case. You can trust me when I say that he's not savage at all and he wouldn't hurt a fly, he's actually a total wimp. Although he did bite my bum when I was pretending to beat my dad up. I'm not a savage either, Promise.

Any way, not an exciting outfit, or look.
But as I said, for a 10 minute get ready session, it's not too bad. No Makeup though ... EEK!


  1. You look great for getting ready in 10 mins! I'd probably have my clothes inside out or something! xx

  2. i LOVE that cardigan! where is it from?